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A Day In The Life As An Event Planner

event planner

Everyone who is involved in event planning will testify to the job’s hectic nature and unpredictability. Daily activities range from meeting with vendors to drawing up event contracts, scouting venues and communicating with clients. While the job is full of digressions and plenty of stress, it is still one of the most coveted in the country. According to research conducting by the U.S. News & World Report, event planning is considered to be one of the hottest fields around. Let’s take a closer look at a day in the life of an event planner. 
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7 Event Planning Tips for a Successful Celebration

7 Successful Event Planning Tips For Your Next Celebration

As you plan a big event, you may feel tempted to jump right in and begin ordering supplies and other needed items. However, experts say that taking time to establish a clear plan and objectives can pay off with an event that comes in under budget and leaves attendees with great memories.

Here are 7 event planning tips that will help ensure your celebration is a memorable one.

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Festival Planning 101


Many event-goers take the festivals that they attend for granted, but any event planner knows that there’s a lot more that goes into festivals than what may meet the eye. Yes, planning a festival is a time-consuming and exhausting task, especially when you consider that the event itself may only last for a day or two.

In terms of festival planning, yes, there’s the matter of selecting a date and venue – and then marketing and promoting the event. But there are also a lot of intangibles that go into festival planning which can slip by the wayside for amateur planners. So whether you’re new to the whole festival planning thing or just want to brush up on some tips and tricks, here are some planning considerations to be aware of:
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Planning an Outdoor Event? Check Out this Event Planner’s Checklist


Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, tailgate or some other type of large event function, there’s obviously a ton of planning that goes into it. There’s the early planning stage, like setting a date, establishing a guest list, selecting a venue and determining other essential details of the event. But planning an event hardly stops there, whether you’re a professional event planner, or just an average Joe. So, after you have the big details set, it’s time to get into more of the nitty gritty that really make the event tick. Here’s a look at some of the essential items to check off any event planner’s list.
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How to Deal with a Tipped Porta Potty


Porta potties are commonplace in new construction areas so that workers can do their business on the job. But once the workday ends, most are left unsupervised on the job site, meaning that they’re susceptible to a variety of elements, notably vandalism. Specifically, one popular porta potty prank is to tip them over, creating a mess of human waste inside of its confines. This is done mostly for kicks by teenagers, much to the ire of the workers who return to find it toppled over the next day. (It’s worth noting that porta potties can also tip over due to weather and high winds, of course.)

But this begs the question – just what should you do in the case of a tipped porta potty? Here’s a look at how to respond and some tips to prevent it from happening in the first place.
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What to Do When the Toilet Paper Runs Out


You’re enjoying an event in a private lot on a beautiful Saturday. Since the lot is not near an indoor restroom, a portable toilet unit has been placed for you and all of your guests to use when nature calls. But one big problem has just reared its ugly head – it’s out of toilet paper, and the nearest convenient store is miles away and will take hours to get to (whether you’re attempting to access it by walking or by dealing with traffic).

What to do? After all, toilet paper is one of those outdoor restroom necessities.
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Rent A Porta Potty, or Let Guests In Your Home – Which is the Better Move?


Hosting an outdoor wedding at your home? Perhaps a big family reunion? Graduation party? A bash on the beach?

Whatever the occasion may be, there are a lot of logistics to consider when planning that big outdoor event in your backyard or on your property. There’s the obvious, like food, drinks, tents, and chairs. And then there’s the often overlooked, like whether to have guests use your home’s restrooms when they have to go versus renting and having porta potties brought in for the event.

While simply inviting guests to use your home’s bathrooms may seem like the obvious choice, there are actually a lot of benefits to renting a porta potty unit or two. Here’s a closer look:
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More Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for You to Try Today!

toilet paper roll crafts

Toilet paper rolls are one of those items that everyone always seems to have on-hand. And, using them in crafts is both economical and earth-friendly.

Have some musical fun with the family by transforming them into quick and easy instruments! When the kids are done creating the toilet paper roll crafts, have them lead a musical parade around the house.
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Helping a Child Use a Porta Potty


When we think porta potties, we generally don’t think of children using them. But if your child has to go to the bathroom in a place where there are no public restrooms other than porta potties, he or she needs to know how to use one safely and properly. Here are some recommendations for teaching your child how to use a porta potty correctly.
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Can I Decorate My Porta Potty for an Outdoor Event? Yes!


For outdoor or backyard events, your location might not have proper bathroom facilities for your guests. Solve this problem by renting porta potties. While these bathrooms might not seem like a strong fit for weddings, reunion parties, or charity functions, you can dress them up to better fit the occasion – they’re the perfect solution for outdoor events of all kinds!
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