Portable Restroom Rentals

Porta Potty Rentals

Gotugo’s individual portable restrooms are anything but typical! All of our portable restrooms are well maintained, cleaned and cared for year round! They are designed with you, our valued customer, in mind.

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Restroom Trailers

Gotugo’s restroom trailers deliver the same level of exceptional quality, cleanliness and reliability as the individual units but with lots more space, incredible comfort and fantastic amenities.

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Portable Sinks & Hand Sanitizer Stations

Gotügo’s portable sinks and hand sanitizer stations will help keep you clean and healthy whether on a job site or at a festival. A popular addition to any public event!

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Water & Waste Holding Tanks

Gotugo’s water tanks (non-potable) and waste holding tanks are quick to install and highly durable.

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Gotügo’s Containment Tray is the perfect accompaniment to our portable restroom unit for when the Federal, State and Local codes require procedure and practices to minimize or even eliminate pollutants from cleaning operations into storm drains or local water.

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