Hi-Rise/Lift Portable Restroom

Our Hi-Rise/Lift Portable Restroom is the perfect restroom solution for many construction sites, equipped with a lift kit that attaches to any standard crane for all levels of the job site! It also comes with a urinal, a toilet with cover, a toilet paper dispenser, lock hasp, ventilation, covered floor and roof as well as hand sanitizer.

Color options: Chartreuse or Dark Green

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  • Toilet with Seat & Cover
  • Urinal
  • Toilet Paper Dispenser
  • Lock Hasp
  • Attached Lift Kit
  • Reinforced Polyethylene Walls
  • Smokestack Ventilation
  • Covered Floor
  • Covered Roof
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Containment Tray (optional)
  • Height Inside: 85"
  • Height Outside: 92"
  • Base Inside: 41" x 41"
  • Base Outside: 43" x 47"
  • Door Height: 79"
  • Roof: 44" x 44"
  • Weight with Molded Sled: 200 lbs
  • Tank Capacity: 60 gal
  • Material: High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
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Don't forget to add on a Containment Tray!

Gotügo’s Containment Tray is the perfect accompaniment to our portable restroom unit for when the Federal, State and Local codes require procedure and practices to minimize or even eliminate pollutants from cleaning operations into storm drains or local water.