More Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for You to Try Today!

toilet paper roll crafts

Toilet paper rolls are one of those items that everyone always seems to have on-hand. And, using them in crafts is both economical and earth-friendly.

Have some musical fun with the family by transforming them into quick and easy instruments! When the kids are done creating the toilet paper roll crafts, have them lead a musical parade around the house.

Play the Kazoo

If you can hum, you can carry a tune on the kazoo. To make this craft, you will need:

  • one toilet paper roll
  • a circle of wax paper
  • a rubber band
  • a pen or pencil

Wrap the wax paper circle around one end and secure it with the rubber band. Poke four or five holes in the paper using your pen or pencil. To make your music, simply hum into the open end. Experiment with more or fewer holes to see how it changes the sound.

Rock the Maracas

To make these fun rattles, you will need:

  • two toilet paper rolls
  • circles of paper to cover the ends
  • beans or pebbles to fill them
  • wrapping paper or colored pens
  • glue

Glue a paper circle on one end of the toilet paper roll and let dry. Pour in a small handful of beans or pebbles, then cap the other end with the other circle of paper. When the maracas are dry, they can be decorated with brightly colored paper or drawn on with markers.

Paper Roll Guitar

This tunable string instrument is just what you need to round out the band. To make it, you will need:

  • a toilet paper roll
  • rubber bands
  • scissors

Cut two 1-inch notches at each end of the toilet paper roll. Carefully string the two rubber bands around the roll so that they are parallel to each other. The instrument is held with your middle and ring fingers and your thumb while it is plucked with your index finger. You can change the notes by pulling the rubber bands so that they are more or less taut over the opening. For a brighter look, the roll can be decorated with paints or markers before attaching the rubber bands.

Letting your kids construct their own musical instruments gives them the opportunity to make art and then a chance to experiment with their own creations. Keep spare toilet paper rolls and other craft supplies on-hand so that you always have a few tricks to deploy to keep kids entertained during parties, or just on a rainy day.

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