Can I Decorate My Porta Potty for an Outdoor Event? Yes!


For outdoor or backyard events, your location might not have proper bathroom facilities for your guests. Solve this problem by renting porta potties. While these bathrooms might not seem like a strong fit for weddings, reunion parties, or charity functions, you can dress them up to better fit the occasion – they’re the perfect solution for outdoor events of all kinds!

Start With a High-Quality Porta Potty

When you use a gotügo restroom unit, you are starting with a clean unit that has great features. Our restroom trailers provide an elegant option for upscale events. These have a setup more like a real bathroom, with extra space, full sinks and mirrors, and bonuses that include air conditioning and heat.

Decorate the Outside

Try these ideas to make the porta potty’s exterior more festive:

  • Create a sign for the outside of the porta potty. You can designate men’s and women’s rooms or write a message that turns your porta potty into a playful joke.
  • Drape some tulle from the top to hang along the sides or corners of the unit.
  • Add Christmas tree lights to brighten up the unit and make it more festive. This will have the added benefit of lighting the way to the bathroom and shedding some light on the inside for when the sun goes down.
  • Hang a garland of real or fake flowers over the unit.
  • Put a tent over the porta potties — if you choose, you can go a step further and decorate the tent.
  • Stand pieces of garden lattice against the porta potty’s walls.
  • Place large potted plants around the outside.

Decorate the Inside

Here are some ways to spruce up the interior:

  • Hang ribbons or fabric from the mirror.
  • Add a sign to the inside of the door with a story about the event or a fun poem.
  • Add a decorative soap dispenser and a nice scented (unlit) candle or oil infuser.
  • Order printed toilet paper, such as wedding themed rolls with images of a bride and groom.
  • Hang a paper lantern from the ceiling.
  • Stick removable window decals on the walls.
  • If the porta potty has counter space, add a bouquet of flowers or a centerpiece to match your dining tables. If you can’t fit these items inside the unit, put them on a table outside with some extra toilet paper and baskets filled with toiletries.

Now that you know some ways to temporarily dress up your porta potty, you can make one work with your next event, no matter how fancy your special occasion will be. Just contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you arrange to have units present for your event.

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