Planning an Outdoor Event? Check Out this Event Planner’s Checklist


Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, tailgate or some other type of large event function, there’s obviously a ton of planning that goes into it. There’s the early planning stage, like setting a date, establishing a guest list, selecting a venue and determining other essential details of the event. But planning an event hardly stops there, whether you’re a professional event planner, or just an average Joe. So, after you have the big details set, it’s time to get into more of the nitty gritty that really make the event tick. Here’s a look at some of the essential items to check off any event planner’s list.

The Event Planner’s Checklist

  • Cover: This is very important if you’re planning an outdoor event, like a wedding or graduation party, there’s the matter of cover – both from the sun and from the elements, in case Mother Nature decides to throw your event for a loop. In this regard, consider party tents or canopies that guests can sit and relax under, fair weather or not.
  • Restrooms: Another essential for an outdoor event, as you likely don’t want guests venturing far away from the festivities, whether it be to a home or common area to use the restrooms. That’s where porta potties or portable restrooms come in handy – just have them delivered to the party site, and don’t worry about it. We have portable restroom units for people with disabilities, as well, making it highly convenient for all of your guests to enjoy their time at your event.
  • Waste and Bottle Disposal: We know you’ve already got the food and drink aspect of the party covered, but don’t forget about garbage cans, and places your guests can stash empty bottles and cans. It makes cleanup a whole lot easier when there’s organized systems in place from the start.
  • Music: You should consider hiring a DJ to give your event an extra bit of zip, but if you’re planning a smaller-scale event, and want to save on some cash, just make up a good playlist and hook your iPod up to the stereo. Just be sure that the music is appropriate for the occasion, and that it’s not too loud to discourage mingling and conversation.
  • Parking: This is, perhaps, the most important factor that is often overlooked. Parking is not to be an afterthought. If the party is at an outdoor venue, you should be all set, but if it’s at a home, parking may be a tad bit more challenging. Talk to neighbors and see if it’s OK to park in front of their homes or even in their driveways. You may even ask a few responsible guests if they’ll help out with parking, perhaps taking guest vehicles to a nearby park or school in the neighborhood to minimize inconvenience.

For larger events, conider finding a local or nearby lot that is easy for guests to locate, and to walk from over to your event.

As you know, throwing a successful event isn’t just about good food, drink and company – there are a lot of intangibles too, from restrooms to music to parking.

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