7 Event Planning Tips for a Successful Celebration

7 Successful Event Planning Tips For Your Next Celebration

As you plan a big event, you may feel tempted to jump right in and begin ordering supplies and other needed items. However, experts say that taking time to establish a clear plan and objectives can pay off with an event that comes in under budget and leaves attendees with great memories.

Here are 7 event planning tips that will help ensure your celebration is a memorable one.

1. Secure A Venue

Before you start nailing down the details, you need to know where your event will take place. The type of event largely will dictate possible locations. For a conference, an indoor space likely works best. For a festival, check into the best outdoor spaces in the area. Weddings work well in either indoor or outdoor venues, depending on the bride and groom’s preferences, the time of year and the climate.

2. Order Invitations

For an event requiring formal invitations, order earlier than you think you need them. Since your invitation sets the tone for your event, choose carefully and ensure inclusion of all relevant data like location, date and RSVP instructions.

Proof invitations thoroughly for all details, and order more than you need; you may think of additional people to invite after the printing press has run. Give yourself plenty of time for addressing and mailing, with ample time for RSVPs to arrive.

3. Reserve Porta Potties

For outdoor events, success can depend on the quality of portable restroom accommodations. Lists of event planning tips often overlook this important detail, but ask anyone who attends outdoor events what can make or break the experience; you’re likely to hear about restroom facilities. Clean, well-maintained portable restrooms create a feeling of attention to detail and even elegance.

For events like outdoor weddings, guests may arrive dressed to the nines. Having clean, bright portable restrooms with plenty of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other supplies establishes a truly premier event. High-quality porta potties can also impress guests that they keep talking later about the great event they attended.

4. Book the Entertainment and Photographer

Depending on the size of your event and the level of entertainment you want, consider confirming a year or more ahead of your target date. Popular bands, even those known only on a local basis, often get booked far in advance, especially for spring and summer weekend dates.

Similarly, begin looking for a professional photographer for your event well in advance. The closer you wait to the date of your event, the more likely that you encounter limited availability.

5. Consider Tables and Supplies

Some event venues provide tables, chairs and anything else you need to serve a full meal. If you plan to use a venue that does not offer such accommodations, make arrangements for these necessary items as soon as you know your guest count. Don’t forget tablecloths, napkins and serving tables.

6. Arrange For Flowers and Other Decorations

Depending on the size of the event and its budget, the role of flowers can vary. Even simple, inexpensive bouquets and boutonnieres can provide an elegant feel to the event. Huge floral arrangements may even seem like overkill for some events. If you plan to incorporate other decorations like balloons, streamers or banners, account for them in the budget and order with ample time for production — and for correction of any mistakes.

7. Plan Ahead For A Successful Event

To pull off a memorable event, create a workable plan that includes a checklist of all needed items. From clean, well-stocked porta potties to flowers, tables and entertainment, your guests will appreciate the results of your attention to detail.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, festival, conference or other event, doing your research ensures that your great idea goes off without a hitch. Be sure to create a checklist of necessary items early in your planning process and to follow these helpful reminders as one final look over.

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