What to Do When the Toilet Paper Runs Out


You’re enjoying an event in a private lot on a beautiful Saturday. Since the lot is not near an indoor restroom, a portable toilet unit has been placed for you and all of your guests to use when nature calls. But one big problem has just reared its ugly head – it’s out of toilet paper, and the nearest convenient store is miles away and will take hours to get to (whether you’re attempting to access it by walking or by dealing with traffic).

What to do? After all, toilet paper is one of those outdoor restroom necessities.

Tips on What to do When the Porta Potty Runs out of Toilet Paper

Here’s a look at some things you can do if you’re not able to get to a convenience store for replacement immediately:

  • Look for manageable substitutes: At an event like a tailgate or family reunion, napkins can suffice if you’re in a pinch. At large outdoor weddings, you could use tablecloths or napkins, as disgusting as that may be.
  • Hold it: OK, not a very popular alternative to having no toilet paper – after all, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go – but it is an alternative. (On that note, you could always just go sans toilet paper, although that would be both unsanitary and uncomfortable.)
  • Use the sink as a bidet: Bidets are popular in many European countries, as they spray the “down unders” of people after they’ve done their business. If your porta potty is equipped with a sink, you might have to get crafty. Or you could always see if there’s a garden hose nearby. Water bottles, we suppose, could work as well.
  • Use your underwear: Bear with us on this one. After you do your business, simply wipe with your current pair of underwear and then discard of it. You’ll lose a pair of undies and have to go commando for the rest of the day, but in some cases, it beats the other alternatives.
  • Baby wipes: If you’re at an outdoor wedding or family reunion, chances are there are some mothers of young children in attendance. And chances are that they have some baby wipes in their purses. Baby wipes are comfortable and effective, although they’re certainly a temporary solution.
  • Go natural: Find some leaves, some grass or weeds, debris – anything that can make do when you’re in need.

It’s never fun to run out of toilet paper, especially when getting more rolls of the necessary amenity might take significant time. But if you think outside the box and get a little creative, it’s amazing what you can use as a substitute!

The weather is getting warmer – contact us today if you’re planning an outdoor event!

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