Helping a Child Use a Porta Potty


When we think porta potties, we generally don’t think of children using them. But if your child has to go to the bathroom in a place where there are no public restrooms other than porta potties, he or she needs to know how to use one safely and properly. Here are some recommendations for teaching your child how to use a porta potty correctly.

Potty Training for Porta Potties

Porta potties, in themselves, are not dangerous. However, young children can hurt themselves if they play around porta potties. This is why it is very important to keep an eye on your children, especially near porta potties. Young children who climb into them could accidentally fall into the reservoir. This is why you should never allow a child to use a porta potty alone.

Helping Your Child Use the Porta Potty

When your child needs to go to the bathroom, encourage him or her to use the porta potty. You will want to line the seat with a seat cover, if they are available. You can use toilet paper if there is none available. If the floor is wet and slippery, be sure to hold the child’s hand so that he or she does not slip and fall.

Children may have trouble locking and unlocking the door, reaching the seat, or washing their hands. This is why it is crucial to help your child out until he or she is old enough to use the porta potty alone.

Teaching Good Hygiene

Because porta potties can harbor a fair amount of germs, it is crucial to teach your child to wash his or her hands after using the porta potty. Use a hand sanitizer after washing your child’s hands for good measure. Some diseases, such as norovirus, can still be contracted if you only use a hand sanitizer, so be sure to use soap and water. gotügo offers portable sinks, and hand sanatizer stations

If the porta potty use does not have sink water to wash your hands, you will need to find a place that your child can wash his or her hands at. This will help prevent the spread of disease to your family and to others.

Using a Porta Potty Changing Stations

Some porta potties are equipped with a changing station for families with infants. These diaper changing stations often come complete with sinks and paper towels so you can clean up afterward. Use the changing station as you would in a regular restroom and be sure to use soap and water, plus any hand sanitizer available.

And that’s it! Taking a child to use a porta potty does not have to be difficult. By keeping these tips in mind, you will ensure that the child’s experience is safe, pleasant, and sanitary. Looking to host an outdoor event of your own soon? Contact us today for help with arranging restroom facilities for your event!

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