Rent A Porta Potty, or Let Guests In Your Home – Which is the Better Move?


Hosting an outdoor wedding at your home? Perhaps a big family reunion? Graduation party? A bash on the beach?

Whatever the occasion may be, there are a lot of logistics to consider when planning that big outdoor event in your backyard or on your property. There’s the obvious, like food, drinks, tents, and chairs. And then there’s the often overlooked, like whether to have guests use your home’s restrooms when they have to go versus renting and having porta potties brought in for the event.

While simply inviting guests to use your home’s bathrooms may seem like the obvious choice, there are actually a lot of benefits to renting a porta potty unit or two. Here’s a closer look:

The Benefits of Renting Porta Potties for an Outdoor Event

  • Variety: Are you expecting guests in wheelchairs or elderly guests who have trouble getting around? While it might be hard getting into your home to use the restroom, today there are porta potty units designed for people with disabilities. By renting these units for the big event, you can rest assured that Grandma and Great Aunt Millie can get to where they need to be at no hassle when it’s time to go.
  • No cleaning: If your event is going to take place outdoors, it’s important to spruce up your yard – not your home. By renting porta potties, you can actually forego cleaning not just your home’s bathrooms, but to your entire home itself. Think about it – if you’re inviting guests to use your home’s restrooms, you’re not just going to clean those…
  • Sanitary and classy: Porta potties come in all different varieties – to the point where you can rent luxury units for more glamorous events so your restroom option will never look out of place. What’s more is that they’re equipped to meet all sanitary requirements, so there’s no “yuck” factor among guests.
  • Affordable: Renting a porta potty isn’t as expensive as you think. Plus, it’ll be dropped off well in advance of your event and picked up after it – so there’s minimum hassle on your part.
  • Convenience: Finally, another benefit to renting a porta potty for your outdoor event is convenience, especially when it’s held in a large outdoor space. Why make guests hike all the way back up to your home to use the restroom when there’s a much closer, more convenient option just steps away?

As you can see, going the porta potty route versus inviting guests to use your home’s facilities has its benefits, both for you and the individuals hosting the event and for the guests themselves. For information on planning your outdoor event, and how many portable restroom units you’ll need, visit our event planning guide.

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