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How to Save Your Cell Phone from a Porta Potty Drop

Posted by gotügo on January 6, 2015

Bathroom Pet Peeves

Posted by gotügo on December 30, 2014

Sharing the bathroom with a friend, partner, or roommate requires diplomacy and skill. Here, we've listed a few common bathroom pet peeves, as well as potential solutions, so you and your housemates can share a bathroom in peace and harmony. Leaving Towels or Clothes on the Floor Whether it's towels, socks, or underwear, neat people generally hate picking up after their not-so-neat...

Porta Potty Etiquette 101

Posted by gotügo on December 23, 2014

Let’s face it, handling your business in a porta potty isn’t quite the same as taking care of things in your own home bathroom. But porta potties are necessary amenities on construction sites, while you’re tailgating, at outdoor concerts and attending other large outdoor events. But when you gotta go, you gotta go! The fact is that when you have a large...

Fun Facts About Porta Potties

Posted by gotügo on December 16, 2014

Portable restrooms, or porta potties as they're often known, are a staple at large outdoor events (i.e. tailgates, concerts, family reunions, weddings, etc.), as well as construction sites, emergency service projects and remodeling gigs. Arguably, they're one of the most under appreciated amenities at events and sites, despite the somewhat odd reputation that they may have in society. On a similar...

Comparing the Sizes of Our Porta Potties

Posted by gotügo on December 9, 2014

Porta potties come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and accommodations. We keep a variety of potties available so that we can service you no matter what need you may have. We can offer just the right porta potty units for you whether you are having an outdoor wedding, a graduation party, a concert or festival, a corporate event, a...

Planning a Fall Wedding? Here’s All You Need to Know

Posted by gotügo on December 2, 2014

As your wedding approaches, you may be feeling overwhelmed with major decisions. Luckily, you're getting married at a time of the year when natural beauty is everywhere. These tips will help you take full advantage of the strengths of the fall season, and also address the concerns associated with getting married during this time of year. Picking the Setting You'll be hosting...

Porta Potties and their Carbon Footprint

Posted by gotügo on November 25, 2014

Although porta potties may be a necessity in some situations, they can have their disadvantages. Most people associate visiting the traditional portable toilet with a combination of unsightly images and smells. Furthermore, because of the chemicals and waste disposal processes they use, portable toilets can also put a strain on the environment. Fortunately, recent developments in the industry may improve...

Tips for your Home Bathroom Remodeling Project

Posted by gotügo on November 18, 2014

Bathroom remodeling can be both exciting and stressful. While the end results may be beautiful, and remodeling can certainly improve property values, the time before and during a remodel can be fraught with difficulty. This is because remodels are often costly, and can disrupt house hold routines. With proper preparation, however, a remodel can go smoothly and with minimal disruption....

Tailgating Soon? Here’s How to Plan the Ultimate Tailgate

Posted by gotügo on November 11, 2014

There are few things more synonymous with the fall season than football. And for those that are going to the big game, it's not just about watching a three hour matchup on the gridiron, but the experience of gameday as a whole. Part of this experience is tailgating. Needless to say, but tailgating is a fun way to socialize with friends...

Coolest Toilets Around the World

Posted by gotügo on November 4, 2014

You wouldn't think that public toilets could be cool, but we're here to show you otherwise. Here are the most unique public toilets and porta potties around the world! Urilift Pop-Up Toilets, Europe You've been out partying and are feeling, well, like you have to use the restroom. But where? Much to your surprise, a urinal appears right in front of you....