How to Better Enjoy Your Porta Potty Experience

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Over the years, porta potties have earned somewhat of a negative stigma; they tend to be known for being unsanitary, stinky, and overall unpleasant to use. However, porta-potties have come a long way and are now more sanitary and comfortable than ever before. Still, there are some steps you can take to better enjoy your next experience in a porta-potty.

Have Backup Lighting Available

These days, many portable toilets come with built-in lighting for use during nighttime events, such as concerts or carnivals. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on the built-in lighting alone. After all, light bulbs burn out, and it’s not always brought to the attention of the event staff when they do.

Therefore, if you’re attending an event where porta-potties will be in use, make sure you have a flashlight app available on your smartphone, or a good old-fashioned mini flashlight in your bag. This way, you can see clearly and navigate the porta-potty with ease. Just be sure not to drop your phone in the toilet!

Bring Your Own Toiletries

Furthermore, while many portable toilets have hand-washing stations or hand sanitizer on-hand, it’s always best to avoid making assumptions. You never know when a hand-washing station might run out of soap, or when a porta-potty could run out of toilet paper.

By coming prepared with your own pack of tissues and small bottle of hand sanitizer, you’ll never have to worry about being caught without the toiletries you need in order to handle your business. For an even more enjoyable experience, consider lying down some tissue on the portable potty’s toilet seat before you sit down. After all, you never know who used that seat before you!

Just be sure that any toiletries you use are septic-safe; this means you’ll want to avoid the following items into the portable toilet:

  • feminine products
  • paper towels
  • baby wipes

If they’re not, septic-safe, toss them in a trash can instead.

Don’t Forget to Lock the Door

Finally, this should go without saying–but all too commonly, people forget to lock the doors on a portable toilet and end up shocked when an unsuspecting bystander opens the door to do their unit. Few situations could ruin your porta-potty experience worse than having an unexpected visitor, so make it a point to close and lock the door as soon as you enter the porta potty. For added security and peace of mind, consider asking a friend to stand outside the door to ensure that nobody tries to enter.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can overcome the negative stigma that exists regarding portable toilets and better enjoy your experience using one. Visit our online catalog to see the many different kinds of portable restroom units that we offer. They’re perfect for all sorts of events, so have a look, and contact us today!

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