How to Save Your Cell Phone from a Porta Potty Drop


No sound is quite as devastating as the plop you hear when you drop your phone in a porta potty. The high-priced replacement and repair costs ring through your mind like loud casino slot machine noises. All of the plans that you had for your super-cool Android or new iPhone flash before your eyes in a split second as you think, “How could I have possibly dropped my phone in a porta potty?” First, you have to calm down, you could still save your phone! You must think of getting your phone wet the same way you would watching a person drown. Therefore, you must retrieve it from the liquid and then try to administer cell phone CPR. Gotügo offers more than a variety of porta potties, we offer cell phone CPR lessons, too!

Step 1: The Lifeguard Move

Time is of the essence when it comes to electronics and liquid. Every second that your phone stays immersed in liquid causes additional damage to its insides. You cannot spare several minutes to locate a long item that you can extend into the liquid. You must reach into the blue liquid with your hand and pull your cell phone out of it immediately. The blue liquid is a sanitary deodorizer and disinfectant. Therefore, you need not fear bacteria. You must act as a hero and save your drowning cell phone!

Step 2: Resuscitation

Now that you have retrieved your device, you must take steps to clear the liquid from its insides. First, remove the battery back and the battery from the phone. Next, lightly shake the phone to remove excess water through the backdoor. Next, you will want to use any paper towels or toilet paper that you find in the porta potty to dry your phone as much as possible. You can keep it bundled inside of some dry paper for approximately five minutes. If your car is nearby, you can turn the heat on for a few minutes and sit the phone near the heater to promote faster drying.

Step 3: Intensive Care

You can enjoy the event you attended and still take care of your cell phone when you get home. One common trick that people use to save wet phones is the rice trick. You will want to fill a bowl with white rice and allow the phone to sit in the rice overnight. The idea is for the rice to draw the moisture from the phone so the internals will dry.
For the best results, you should keep your cell phone immersed in rice or protected inside of dry materials for least 24 hours. You can test your phone the following day to see if you saved its life. Put your battery back in, close the door, and then press on the power button as usual. You will have one of three results. Your phone may not power up. If it fails to power up, then you will want to dry it for another day. If you get a flickering screen, or sounds and no screen, then your phone may be coming back to life. Finally, your phone may power up as if nothing at all happened, just be sure to act quickly, remain calm, and follow these steps!

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