My Wedding is Outdoors, But What About the Bathrooms?!

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An outdoor wedding can be a real treat to plan. The outdoor setting can add to the ambiance of the ceremony, and your guests will have room to spread out during our reception. Yet if you fail to plan properly for your guest’s restroom needs, you may have some miserable attendees!

The Restrooms at the Facility May Be Insufficient

Outdoor weddings are often held in areas that are not intended for large numbers of restroom users. Backyards in homes with just one or two bathrooms, gardens with restrooms that are a long walk away from the ceremony site will not meet the needs of your guests. Renting some portable toilets will help ensure that your guests’ comfort needs are met.

Plan the Right Number of Toilets

As you make plans to rent outdoor bathrooms, make sure you have enough toilets. You will need approximately one toilet for every 50 guests, then add additional toilets for every four-hour increment past the first for hours.

So, if you are renting the facility for six hours and expect 150 guests, you will need at least three toilets. You will be renting two for the 150 guests and an additional toilet for the additional time. However, if you have an open bar or will be serving a lot to drink, add a few more toilets. Your wedding would be ruined if your toilets fill before you are done with the festivities.

For a useful graphic to help with your order, see our planning guide. It has everything you need to know when placing your for portable restrooms.

Choosing the Right Type

As you plan for the toilet needs of your guests, consider these options:

  • Accessible toilets – A necessity if you have any guests in walkers or wheelchairs who will be attending.
  • Portable restroom trailers – A full restroom on wheels will ensure changing and restroom needs are met.
  • Elite toilets – These flushable toilets with included sinks will help your guests feel clean and comfortable in all of their finery.

Whatever you choose, don’t neglect to plan for outdoor bathrooms. They will complete your planning as you ensure your guests are comfortable at your outdoor wedding. To order portable restrooms and restroom trailers for your outdoor wedding, contact gotügo today!

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