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Nicest Bathrooms Around the World


Some days, it’s hard to imagine an amazing public restroom. And yet, there are amazingly nice public restrooms throughout the world that will impress even the pickiest person. Let’s look at some of them.
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Porta Potties and their Carbon Footprint

carbon-footprint-porta-pottyAlthough porta potties may be a necessity in some situations, they can have their disadvantages. Most people associate visiting the traditional portable toilet with a combination of unsightly images and smells. Furthermore, because of the chemicals and waste disposal processes they use, portable toilets can also put a strain on the environment. Fortunately, recent developments in the industry may improve users’ experiences, and reduce the porta potty’s carbon footprint.





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Why it Pays to Get Protection for Portable Restroom Rentals

broken porta pottyRecently the Rochester, Minnesota fire department responded to a call reporting a fire in a local park. When emergency crews arrived, they found a portable bathroom engulfed in flames while a small child played nearby.

The restroom was a complete loss and the fire department suspect an arsonist started the fire. Three other recent portable restroom fires have the attention of Rochester fire investigators who suspect the same people, or person, set all the fires.

In Duluth, Minnesota, an arson-started blaze in a portable privy spread to a nearby public building causing more than $75,000 in damage. The problem doesn’t start or end in Minnesota; vandalizing portable restroom rentals happens across the nation. If this happens to you, will you be prepared?

Convenient for everyone

Temporary restrooms often fall prey to vandals who cover them with graffiti, cut holes through the walls, or tip the lightweight structures over. They make easy targets for vandals for the same reasons people choose to rent them.
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What Makes gotügo’s Porta Potties Better than the Competition?

porta potty stand out

Call them what you’d like – porta potties, portable toilets, portable restrooms, etc. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, tailgate, or any other big get-together, renting a portable restroom is a smart and affordable way to keep your guests happy. But don’t trust just any old restroom company; learn why more customers choose gotügo’s porta potties for their big events.
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4 Fun Toilet Paper Roll Arts & Crafts for the Whole Family

toilet paper roll craft

At gotügo, we don’t just help people take care of business – we also like to find fun ways to recycle that the whole family can enjoy! With that in mind, check out some of our favorite toilet paper roll crafts.

Make a Marble Run!


Want to know how you can turn a bunch of toilet paper tubes, colorful tape and adhesive magnets into hours of fun? shows us how to make a marble run that you can hang onto the fridge. Just make sure to save plenty of tubes so that the kids can build bigger and more complex marble runs!
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My Wedding is Outdoors, But What About the Bathrooms?!

servers outside of wedding porta potty

An outdoor wedding can be a real treat to plan. The outdoor setting can add to the ambiance of the ceremony, and your guests will have room to spread out during our reception. Yet if you fail to plan properly for your guest’s restroom needs, you may have some miserable attendees!
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5 Tips to Go the Extra Mile for Your Food Truck Customers

Food Truck GatheringIt’s estimated that up to 30 percent of all new restaurants fail within the first year of business. Furthermore, it’s estimated that of the restaurants that are still operating after the first year, about 30 percent will fail within the second year of business.

Knowing these alarming numbers, many would-be restaurateurs have opted to own a different type of service business — a food truck. Low overhead, comparably low up-front costs and the ability to pick up and literally drive your business to your potential customers are all big draws to owning a food truck. Yet food truck owners shouldn’t be fooled — operating a truck is hard work. There are the long hours, the paperwork and permits to legally operate your business and, most importantly, ensuring your product is quality.
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House Fire? Weather Damage? Why Renting Portable Toilets in an Emergency is Important

porta potties for rent in Maryland, Virginia and DC
As a homeowner or business owner, you’re sure to purchase insurance covering a fire, flood or some other natural disaster that could damage your property. But while many people rest comfortably knowing that their home is covered in the event of an emergency, there is a bevy of other logistics that need to be considered if a catastrophe were to happen.

For instance, can you remain in the home or do you have to look for temporary lodging while restoration takes place? If you can remain in the home, which areas are accessible and which aren’t? Will you even have running water in the home?

The disaster restoration industry has advanced to a point where water extraction and drying from weather damage can be accomplished in a matter of days. And while house fire restoration can be a bit more extensive, in either scenario it will take time before a home and its occupants’ lifestyle is back to normal after an emergency.

What Will You Do?

When disaster strikes, it’s easy to take even the most seemingly simple things for granted. Things like bathrooms. In most homes, a bathroom isn’t just a place for people to do their business, but a place to get ready in the morning, shower, even relax in the bath after a long day. And in the event of a home disaster, these comfort zones can be temporarily taken away.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this dilemma: a portable restroom.
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Top 12 Funniest Bathroom Signs From Around the World

funny bathroom sign about flushing

Some restrooms around the world have seriously creative fixtures, signs and more. Instead of sending you on a journey around the world to see them all, we’ve brought them all to you! Here are 12 of the funniest, strangest, and most creative bathroom signs from around the world.
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gotügo supports Maryland Therapeutic Riding for a Second Year

gotügo partners with Maryland Therapeutic RidingHere, at gotügo, we’re dedicated to supporting our local community, and it’s the time of year where we get to serve once again! We’re proud to assist the Maryland Therapeutic Riding (MTR) organization in the rehabilitation of riders with special needs. Some of the health challenges that these individuals face are physical, developmental, and emotional in nature. MTR works to improve the quality of their lives through increasing the balance, strength, self-image, and self-confidence of those with special needs. gotügo has partnered with MTR’s efforts in the past, and we look forward to providing our services again this year. A bit more about the organization:

“MTR’s mission is to improve quality of life and conquer physical, developmental, and emotional health challenges through human and horse interaction.”
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