Porta Potty Rentals: Top Four Reasons to Rent Portable Restrooms

Picture the scene: you are attending a corporate event and you are surrounded by influential people you want to network and socialize with. Everything seems to be going well – the talks are informative and the coffee and tea is flowing freely.

Suddenly, you become aware that the drinks are not the only thing flowing freely – you need to go to the bathroom ASAP. You look around frantically for a toilet, only to realize they are all full. Everyone around you is in the same position, and the event is suddenly not quite as wonderful as you first thought.

What would you think about an event that did not supply enough porta potties? Now imagine it was YOUR event that was low on portable restrooms – how do you think people would talk about you? It is surely not a good thing to think about.

Luckily, help is right around the corner. The good people at gotügo have a wide range of porta johns and restroom trailers available for rental during your event, and there are a number of advantages of renting them as well:

Save Money
Naturally, the cost of installing fixed toilets for one event would be astronomical, and seeing as they won’t get used when the event is over, it would also be highly wasteful. A Porta Potty Rental from Gotügo can help save you money in the long term.

Less Work for You!
Gotugo will handle all of your portable toilet rental needs. They will deliver the cubicles to your event, set them up for you and take them away afterwards. Running an event is stressful enough, so why not take some of the work out of it for yourself and let gotügo take care of the portable restroom issues? You will surely thank yourself for providing more time to interact with guests at your event.

Make the Necessary Experience More Pleasant
Let us be frank for a minute – going to the toilet right after someone else can be a bit of a nasty experience at times. One major problem that fixed toilets have is that after a large number of people use these products, they can begin to smell a little. Thankfully, this uncomfortable situation does not happen with Gotügo’s rentals, equipped with 250 Gallon Waste Tanks – any waste that is captured is broken down and converted into an odourless gel that is simply stored until you are ready to dispose of it!

Fight Crime!
Yep, it is definitely true! Although this may sound baffling, a recent case in Chicago saw an escaped convict captured thanks to the aid of a porta potty! The luckless inmate thought he could hide in the toilet to evade police, but with the aid of infra-red technology they were able to capture him.

There are a number of reasons why renting restroom trailers is a good idea for your conference. Remember, when you have to go, go to Gotügo!Restroom Trailer Rentals - Serving Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington, DC - gotügo

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