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When you are planning your next construction project, don’t forget to add quality rental porta potties to accommodate your crew. Better sanitation service is well worth the investment. You will reap rewards of increased morale, work time on the site, and worker performance. Here are some considerations to keep in mind in order to make the best decision.

What kinds of construction sites require portable toilets?

Perhaps your construction site is a home you currently live in or perhaps it’s much larger. Regardless of size, providing safe and hygienic toilet facilities for your construction workers is just as essential as paying for construction materials. Those facilities must be clean at all times. Anything less isn’t respectful of the workers who are providing you with valuable construction services.

Porta potties are needed at small, medium, and large construction sites. During a home renovation project, extensive changes may occur. The house may be gutted and devoid of electricity, heat and / or water. Creating an acceptable environment for your workers includes providing them with the use of toilets that are clean and functional, regardless of the condition of the work area. On a small site there may be crews of 5 to 10 people working for you.

An example of a medium size renovation is a private medical office. For a remodeling project alone, there may be crews of 10 to 30 workers doing drywall, paint, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and carpentry tasks. Their numbers will vary daily. In a new construction, such as a 10 story high rise condominium, there could be as many as hundreds of workers on some or all of the floors.

Working conditions on construction sites are often challenging and stressful: too hot, too cold, dusty, and noisy. Offering your workers clean toilets with easy availability gives them the security of knowing they won’t have to forage off-site for a toilet—knowledge that will lend them confidence and security throughout their workday. This will translate into more productive work, saving you time and money and sparing your workers the frustration of having to seek out a bathroom. Porta potties on your construction site will pay dividends throughout the length of your project in efficiency and increased morale.

Do the math – How many potties do you need?

For a small project such as a single family home, a single porta potty may be sufficient for your construction crew. For medium to large projects, multiple porta potties are likely required. An easy and appropriate solution might be a construction restroom trailer. gotügo’s Construction Restroom Trailer is perfect for any construction site. It provides a self-contained environment with a steel unibody frame, steel fireproof doors, exhaust system, flushing toilets, and hand wash stations. The trailer comes standard with urinal, sinks, toilet paper dispensers, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, air conditioning and heating, nonskid stairs, and stainless steel safety rails. To calculate the exact number of units you want to order, see our planning guide. It’s colorful graphic that details everything you’ll need to know when placing your order.

For high-rise construction sites, a convenient and space-saving possibility is gotügo’s Hi-Rise Crane Unit. These units come with a urinal, a toilet with seat and cover, toilet paper dispenser, lock hasp, ventilation, covered floors, and a covered roof. The hi-rise crane unit also offers optional hand sanitation and has an attached lift kit. The lift kit is designed to attach easily to any standard crane and can be hoisted to the desired location. The Hi-Rise Porta Potty has a 60-tank capacity and is available in either chartreuse or forest green.

What to look for when selecting a porta potty provider

You’ll want a proven, reliable portable restroom provider dedicated to bringing you the most effective and most appropriate porta potty solution for your construction project. Contact us today to learn how we can help fill you on-site construction restroom needs.

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