Planning an Outdoor Event

Gotugo outdoor planning guide

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” Enjoying the outdoors is a great time to relax. Soaking up the fresh air and warm sunshine is what makes life extra special. An outdoor event only enhances these good feelings. From concerts in the park to soccer games, outdoor events are a perfect way to spend summer nights.

Making your outdoor event run smoothly requires planning ahead. Getting even a few details wrong can make it memorable for all the wrong reasons. You can keep everything on track for your next outdoor event by including these things on your event planning checklist:

Obtain a permit

Many outdoor events require a permit. Obtaining a permit is the first thing you need to take care of once you determine the ideal date and location for your event. Nothing will shut your event down faster than trying to hold it without the proper permit.

Research ordinances

Every town has noise ordinances, fire codes, and safety codes. Check with local law enforcement and fire officials to make sure your event does not violate any of these laws. It will help you be aware of important things like if noise is prohibited after a certain time of night and how much seating is permitted at your chosen venue.

Scout your venue

Resolve any potential logistical issues ahead of time by scouting the venue. Take photographs of the area and determine the best places for vendor space, setting up equipment, unloading trucks, providing guest parking, where portable restrooms should be located, and other potential needs. Mapping out these things will save you a huge headache. It helps you iron out details like how many porta potties you need when you do a porta potty rental and where to put them.

Provide enough sanitation

Nothing spells disaster faster than having too few portable restrooms on site. You need to have enough porta potties to cover the needs of guests and event crewmembers alike. A porta potty rental agreement should cover the days where you load in and load out equipment as well as the actual event. This ensures a porta potty rental makes enough facilities available for the crew to use as needed.

Backup the power

You will need plenty of power to provide light on walkways, around portable restrooms, in parking lots, and other areas to make guests feel safe at your event. Keep backup generators handy to supplement available power at the venue in case of emergency.

Keep guests comfortable

Make your guests feel at home by providing plenty of food and water for them during the event. Include these things all throughout the venue so that every guest has easy access to them.

Play it safe

If, by chance, you encounter a medical emergency during your event, it is better to be safe than sorry. Enlist medical professionals to be on standby during the event, so they can treat guests or crew members who fall ill or become injured. Prepare a list of nearby hospitals and directions on how to get to each one.

Monitor the weather

Mother Nature does not always cooperate and can find ways to ruin the best-prepared plans. Monitor local weather reports far in advance and create contingency plans to deal with inclement weather. Secure porta potties and other equipment in place in case of high winds and put up protective coverings to deal with light rain or snow.

Clean everything up

Leaving behind a huge mess after an event is a sure way not to be invited back to a venue. Take time to do everything from collecting stray garbage to packing up equipment. Return all rental items, like portable restrooms for example, in good condition.

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