How to Maintain a Porta Potty Overnight


If you’re using or renting a porta potty for any length of time, you’re going to have to perform some minor upkeep to make sure that the porta potty is both usable and pleasant for those who may be using it. With a little care, you can ensure that the facilities are ready to go when you need them.

Basic Porta Potty Maintenance

Depending upon how long you’ll need the porta potty as well as how many people use the porta potty will affect how often you’ll have to maintain the porta potty to keep it in good, functioning condition. You may need to purchase some basic supplies to keep your porta potty clean and deodorized, but with a little care, you can have a clean porta potty that is a joy to use.

If you have a contract to have the porta potty serviced that will help keep it cleaned and pumped but there are daily things you should do to maintain a clean porta potty.

Basic cleaning

First contact the company that you’ve rented the porta potty from and find out if they have any recommendations regarding porta potty cleaners and deodorizers. If they use a particular brand, you may wish to continue using it so that there are no chemical reactions.

You’ll need to ensure that the porta potty is cleaned with a cleaner that will not harm the surfaces in the porta potty. You may also need a deodorizer made to work in porta potties. Most of these come in packets that treat up to 40 gallons of waste. Follow directions on the package for the amount you need to use and also the frequency you need to add deodorizer.

Don’t forget to check the porta potty toilet paper supply frequently – there’s nothing worse than not having toilet tissue when you’re going to the bathroom!

How Often Should You Empty It?

Porta potties do fill up, so be sure to keep an eye on how much waste has accumulated. As it starts to become completely full, it may become more difficult to keep your porta potty smelling good. So, plan on having your rental company pump your porta potty. Keeping an eye on the level is probably the best way to determine how often it needs pumping, as the amount of use combined with how long you have it rented will affect how often it needs to be emptied.

If you have any other questions about maintaining a porta potty overnight, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be glad to help. Also, if you’re planning an outdoor event, and are interested in renting a porta potty in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia, just let us know about your event, and we can get started!

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