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Porta Potty Rentals - Serving Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington, DC - gotügoA lot goes on at construction sites. After all, getting a building together is a complex process with a large number of variables involved. With this being the case, it’s a foregone conclusion that the job of keeping the process moving along gets more complicated with each passing day. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep your sites cleaner, more orderly, and compliant with OSHA regulations without having to take on a whole new management task. Sometimes the simplest and least thought about factors are among the most important, and construction site porta potties are one of those key factors.

Think about it: While some construction workers are probably fine with taking care of their personal business anywhere they can, that isn’t kosher with local business owners or with the local health department. Those ordinances are in place for a reason, and the companies located near the job site are about far more than just serving as restroom facilities for your workers. Imposing on the community like that would be irresponsible, and it would also bode poorly for your potential to do business with members of the community.

Naturally, expecting your workers to just grin and bear it all day long when nature calls is just not realistic, either. For one thing, doing so would be inhumane. For another reason, OSHA would certainly take issue with not providing proper restroom facilities to your workers. So arranging for portable restroom facilities can simply become one more thing to take care of on a stack of tasks that seems to get more massive each day. As if it isn’t hard enough just dealing with local government’s byzantine regulations, business owners who think your construction sites are eye sores that should be wrapped up in a day, and clients who want massive, complex buildings constructed to code yesterday.

So how are you going to take care of keeping your job site sanitary, the restroom requirements of OSHA satisfied, and the local burger joint’s restroom from looking like a cyclone hit it? Enlist the professional help of gotügo, the portable restroom company that takes a lot of the challenges out of answering the call of nature, no matter where the latest work site’s location might be. Using gotügo’s portable units, which include portable restrooms and even portable hand sanitizer stands, construction site facilities is one less item you have to be stressed about.

There are units to suit every kind of construction site. A portable sink unit  can be perfect for keeping your workers able to answer nature’s call without having to hunt out a private spot, or if you need ultimate portability – gotügo offers Porta Potty Hi-Rise Units. This is the best way to keep your job sites orderly and compliant, and lower your stress level.

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