Bathroom Pet Peeves

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Sharing the bathroom with a friend, partner, or roommate requires diplomacy and skill. Here, we’ve listed a few common bathroom pet peeves, as well as potential solutions, so you and your housemates can share a bathroom in peace and harmony.

Leaving Towels or Clothes on the Floor

Whether it’s towels, socks, or underwear, neat people generally hate picking up after their not-so-neat housemates.

Possible Solution

Create easy-to-reach storage locations for garments and towels. Keep an open, lidless hamper within easy reach of the sink or shower. Hang hooks on the walls or the back of the bathroom door. Install a little cubby on the wall for clothes and other personal effects.

By providing a designated spot for towels and clothing, neat people make it easier for not-so-neat people to clean up, increasing the likelihood that not-so-neat people will actually put their clothes up or away during showers and baths.

Scattering Personal Items Over the Countertop

Shaving accessories, makeup, hairbrushes, and more: countertops can quickly become messy when more than one person is using this space in a bathroom.

Possible Solution

Again, the best way to prevent someone from leaving their clutter all over the countertop is to provide that person with an easy to access place to put their stuff. Little baskets, countertop organizers, ceramic dishes and more can all be used to give not-so-neat people a convenient storage spot.

Not Flushing the Toilet

Many people agree that it’s really gross to lift the lid to the toilet and find a gift from the bathroom’s previous occupant waiting inside.

Potential Solution

The solution to this problem depends on the person who keeps refusing to flush the toilet. Here are a few ideas:

  • Post a reminder sign over the toilet.
  • Leave the mess in the toilet for the offender to deal with personally.
  • Have a heart-to-heart discussion about why this is gross. Ask your housemate kindly and respectfully to stop.

Not Replacing the Toilet Paper Roll

It drives most people crazy: reaching for the toilet paper only to find the roll empty. Even worse is the hassle of having to scrounge around under the sink with your pants hanging around by your ankles while you look for a fresh roll.

Potential Solution

Make it easier to replace the toilet paper roll. The simpler this step becomes, the more likely everyone in the household will be to comply. Try leaving a spare toilet paper roll in an easy to reach location on the back of the toilet.

Consider replacing the toilet paper roll holder with a dispenser that features a pivoting arm. Some toilet users find this easier than struggling with the traditional spring-loaded toilet paper holders.

No matter what your bathroom pet peeves are, don’t forget that keeping the lines of communication open is the most important part of successfully sharing a bathroom. Talk to whomever you’re sharing your bathroom space with. Tell your house mate–whether that’s your spouse, friend or roommate–about your concerns. It may be that your house mate has no idea you’re upset.

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