Who’s the Go-To Company when You’ve Got a Crowd that’s gotügo?

Caught in an unguarded moment, we all have those stories to tell of what Victorians once politely called “the necessary.” Festival porta-potties festering in the midsummer sun…trash-littered latrines as your last option…but what can you do? It’s certainly a necessity and when you’ve got to go, you’ve, well…

Gotügo is out to change that entire perception, says Chris Patterson, VP of Sales and Marketing for the aptly named portable restroom company founded nearly thirty years ago, headquartered in Glen Burnie, MD. “The business is what it is,” she says, “but it doesn’t have to be dirty or intimidating. We want to give the industry a brand new face lift so people are no longer cringing at the thought of using a porta potty.”

This was the driving force behind Ms. Patterson’s decision in joining the thriving company in 2007, despite her own apprehensions and her daughter’s immediate reaction – “Ewwww!” – upon hearing about her mother’s new job. “That’s exactly the reaction we’re striving to get away from,” Ms. Patterson says.

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