Top Ten Venues For Portable Restrooms

1. Weddings – With spring setting in and summer right around the corner, wedding season is in full bloom. When planning an outdoor wedding, an important consideration is portable restrooms. Formal portable restroom trailers now offer guests endless amenities, such as lighting, heated water, sinks, mirrors, air conditioning, heating, and even audio players. Add a convenience basket for a personalized touch. A general rule of thumb is to have 1 bathroom for every 35 guests, so make sure to plan accordingly for the big day!

2. Birthdays – Outdoor birthday celebrations are in full swing this spring, and what better way to accessorize your event than with a portable restroom for guests. Whether it’s in your backyard or a rented venue, portable restrooms make a great solution for large-scale outdoor events, and can be a great addition your next birthday milestone.

3. Reunions – Planning an outdoor reunion? Whether it’s catching up with old friends, family, classmates, or colleagues, porta potty rentals are a common addition for outdoor venues. Renting a portable restroom can save you the hassle and worry of accommodating larger groups. Consider a portable restroom trailer, designed specifically for more formal events! Consider the same rule of thumb that’s used for weddings, and prepare for 1 restroom per every 35 guests.

4. Festivals – The weather is warm, and festivals and fairs are abound. Many festivals and fairs commonly take place on outdoor grounds, and have to accommodate very large crowds. Considering the large number of people that may be in attendance, adequately prepare for a large-scale porta-potty rental. At crowded events be sure to have multiple porta-potty locations, and do not center them directly in the middle of a fairground or festival, but rather spread rentals on the sides and outskirts of the venue where they can easily be found by attendees.

5. Construction – A portable toilet is a must have on almost any construction site. This is beneficial for workers so they don’t have to leave the site multiple times during the day. Generally consider 1 portable restroom per 10 workers on a construction site. This is an approximation for an 8-10 hour workday.

6. Sporting Events – Outdoor sporting events, such as golf tournaments, take place outdoors and last for a significant portion of the day. Make sure guests have easy access to facilities. If using portable restrooms for a golf tournament, carefully consider the placement of portable restrooms and how this will affect patrons and players.

7. Government – When choosing portable restrooms for a government contractor, ensure that your provider is a certified government contractor (like gotügo!). It’s important that your provider have all the necessary clearance and certification to deliver and service government locations.

8. Remodeling – Remodeling a home or corporate site requires extensive and invasive work, sometimes disrupting normal bathroom facilities. A portable restroom is a great solution to replace any bathroom facilities being reconstructed, and is beneficial to site workers as well. Consider how many workers will be on site and prepare 1 porta-potty per 10 workers, as well as any additional persons that may need additional facilities.

9. Corporate – Corporate events require professional portable restroom solutions. Choose a provider that offers upscale restrooms to properly represent your brand or service. gotügo additionally offers professionally uniformed and well-trained attendants to keep your facilities pristine for the entire event duration. Impress your clients and wow your boss with corporate portable restroom solutions.

10. Emergency Service – In the event of an emergency, such as a flood, fire, or other natural disaster, it is important to maintain proper restroom facilities. Having portable restrooms on location enhance proper hygiene and overall well-being in the face of a disaster. In an emergency, portable restroom planning is not a priority. This is why gotügo can quickly assess needs and promptly deliver units on location.

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