Top 5 Benefits of Portable Restroom Trailers

When planning a corporate function or planning a formal event, there are many details involved in planning and execution. However, there is an important basic need that one should be careful not to overlook. Having a portable restroom trailer can provide lots of benefits, as they are perfectly suited to cater to a formal party, sporting event, or work site. Below we discuss some of the many (surprising!) attributes of portable restroom trailers, and how these trailers offer solutions to address many corporate or event planning needs.

1. Appearance. Many misconstrue the idea of portable restrooms to mean an unsightly eyesore at their event. Portable restroom trailers have debunked this common myth, and present a classy appearance perfectly suited for corporate functions, outdoor weddings, and other formal events.  Standard portable restroom trailers are modern, stylish, and upscale, offering numerous amenities to cater to large groups and guests.

2. Numerous Units. Portable restroom trailers come with numerous units built in (for both men and women), eliminating the need for multiple porta potty rentals. Standard trailers vary from 12-18 feet in length, providing dual units for women, as well as up to two stalls for men. Based on your type of event and number of attendees, choose a trailer size that is best suited to your needs. Generally speaking, you want to estimate one restroom unit per every 30 guests or individuals.

3. Amenities. Contemporary portable restrooms come with numerous amenities not included in single porta potty units. Standard features in plus trailers can include elegant counter tops, faux hardwood flooring, stainless steel sinks, air conditioning, heating, and even a radio and CD player. With countless modern amenities, and the ability to decorate and personalize each trailer, they can quickly be transformed into an upscale restroom for your next event.

4. Fair Pricing. When catering to large groups of people, restroom trailers eliminate the need to rent numerous individual porta potty units. While trailers run at a higher price point overall, you are receiving multiple units in each stall as well as amenities that may not be present in a standard unit. When planning an event, trailers become a cost effective method to cater to large groups in an upscale setting.

5. Impeccable Service. Unique to gotügo, each unit arrives accompanied by an immaculately dressed attendant to service your unit for the duration of your event or function. Attendants keep units pristine and comfortable, so guests can focus on having a great time.

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