Top 12 Funniest Bathroom Signs From Around the World

funny bathroom sign about flushing

Some restrooms around the world have seriously creative fixtures, signs and more. Instead of sending you on a journey around the world to see them all, we’ve brought them all to you! Here are 12 of the funniest, strangest, and most creative bathroom signs from around the world.

Alien Bathroom sign

This sign is pretty strange, but at least it welcomes people of any gender, or galaxy!

Light Bathroom sign

This one is neat. Let’s just hope that the light bulb doesn’t go out anytime soon – try to find the restroom then!

Spanish Bathroom Sign

Wonder what Spanish-speaking locale this hilarious sign comes from.

Enter and Exit Bathroom Sign

Any who has used a gotügo portable restroom knows this feeling!

Angel and Devil Bathroom Sign

A new take on the expression “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”

Standing and Sitting Bathroom Sign

This one is pretty straightforward. Where do you stand on this one? We didn’t want to sit on this one any longer.

X-men bathroom sign

This is a funny and clever homemade bathroom sign.

Confusing Bathroom Sign

This one is a bit confusing. Not sure which one to choose!

Pizza Bathroom Signs

This pizza place has put thought into more than just its pies, it seems.

Wipe or Use Clothes

Luckily, our porta potties come fully equipped!

Upside Down bathroom sign

A simple flip of this image makes a major difference once you’re inside the restroom!

Olympics Bathroom Sign

And of course, who could forget the famous bathroom rules poster from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia?

These are just some of clever and hilarious bathroom signs from around the world that we’ve seen. We make it our business to be in the know about everything related to handling your business – humor is no exception.

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