Portable Restrooms: The Natural Choice for Fall Festivals

With the arrival of many people’s favorite season comes a multitude of fall festivals. If you’re planning to hold an event of any size, don’t forget to account for your attendees’ basic sanitation needs with a portable restroom.

A single standard porta potty unit will typically accommodate 75-100 people for a four-hour time period. For a festival, it is strongly encouraged to rent at least one or two ADA porta potty units and at least one with a baby changing station per every 100 attendees, or upgrade to larger units for higher capacity crowds. All units are delivered and picked up by Gotügo – all with no additional charge.

The standard porta potty unit will come with a covered floor and roof, toilet, coat hook, lock and toilet dispenser and a 60-gallon tank holding capacity. This unit is simple and easy for people to use.

The ADA porta potty unit includes the same great features as the standard porta potty unit, but includes added room for special needs or wheelchairs. These units come complete with handrails on three sides and have added reinforcement with ground level access. The ADA porta potty unit has a slightly smaller tank capacity (40 gallons instead of 60) than the standard unit.

At any festival there are bound to be infants and toddlers in attendance with their parents, who would probably appreciate a clean, private place to change their baby’s diapers throughout your event. Modified units include baby changing stations, which have 1.5 times more space than the standard units. This unit also has a courtesy shelf so you have somewhere to rest your diaper bag rather than on the floor.

For larger festivals, especially during colder months, consider having at least one festival plus restroom trailer, which helps manage higher volumes of visitors and come with air conditioning and heating so your guests can warm up or be cooled down during your event. These larger units are durable yet classy, and accommodate both men and women with separate restrooms and three separate stalls for each gender. These units contain 300-gallon fresh water tanks in order to provide for up to 600 users at one event.

Just remember that for a four-hour event, it is suggested that for every 75-100 people in attendance there should be at least one standard porta potty unit provided. Contact gotügo today for your next large event and for further help deciding the perfect amount of units for your event.

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