Portable Restrooms Are Going Green


Many businesses have made strides to be eco-conscious, altering their practices to provide services that minimize their negative impact on the environment. The sanitation industry – which includes portable restrooms and restroom trailers – is doing its part as well.

Portable restrooms (or the more well known term “porta potties”) have natural, eco-friendly characteristics including:

  • Ability to recycle waste
  • Use less water than conventional restrooms
  • Substituting hand sanitzers for paper towels

By their very nature, portable toilets are part of recycling services business. These toilets are sanitized and scrubbed to an “industrial clean,” then shipped from event to event. This process leads to the use of less raw material, less implementation time and less land surface disruption than building permanent toilet facilities.

Less water is also used through the services of porta potties, as conventional restroom facilities need a constant supply of water to function their flushing mechanisms and hand washing sinks. And when paper towels are replaced by hand sanitizer stations, paper waste is kept out of landfills.

Less waste and less water consumption are just a few benefits that portable restroom rental services include, but with an increased focus on going green, the sanitation industry is taking more and more steps to make their green efforts sustainable, creating better products and services for a healthier environment – now and in the future.

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