Planning the Perfect Tailgate: What to Include?

Fall is football season. And with football comes tailgates. Yes, the annual rite of passage is as synonymous with football as mustard is to hot dogs. Speaking of hot dogs, are they on your tailgate list? That, and a lot of other items, should be if you want your tailgate to be a hit.

What are some other things that help make up the perfect tailgate? Here’s a look at what to include at your pre- and post-game parties to make your tailgate stand out from all the others around the stadium:

The Perfect Tailgate

  • Porta potties: When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go – that’s why porta potty rentals are great for your football party. They offer a convenient way to do your business when all those adult beverages that you and your guests are putting down start catching up to you. Porta potty rentals come in many varieties. They can be individual units, or portable restroom trailers. They can be ordered to arrive with hand washing sinks, to be ADA accessible, or to have heat and air conditioning to keep you and your guests comfortable. But best of all, they’re convenient. Instead of wandering off, away from your tailgate to a public restroom or uncomfortably “holding it” until you get to the stadium, you’ve got a place to go. Portia potties are often overlooked, but they’re arguably one of the most important features of a tailgate.
  • TV/Radio: Tailgates are the ideal way to prepare for the big game. Pre-game analysis and smack talking has been a fixture at tailgates since the beginning of time. Bring along a portable TV or radio and throw on the pre-game shows so you’re in the know about every little detail, stat, and injury regarding the game you’re about to attend.
  • Games: While it’s possible for adults to make a perfectly fun game out of the alcoholic beverages they’ve unquestionably brought, you want your tailgate to be family friendly too. So bring along some games for the kiddos. A football, for instance, is a must-have as your tailgate can partake in a little game of 500 or even some three-on-three action if the group is big enough. Other games like corn hole and ladder ball are also great for tailgates.
  • A tent: You’re a football fan, so you’ll likely be tailgating before and after the games, regardless of the weather conditions. Snow, rain, sleet – no problem. But it could be a problem for your tailgate spread. In order to keep your spread safe from the elements and your guests comfortable, bring a tent. Set it up over your tailgate area so it can serve as a shelter, both for your food and your fellow tailgaters. Remember, even in the nice weather, your guests might still like a break from the hot sun.
  • The essentials: It would be a crime not to mention the essentials on this list of planning a perfect tailgate. It might surprise you to learn that they’re often overlooked. So make sure you not only bring food (burgers, dogs, steaks, bratwurst, etc.) and drinks (beer, wine, sodas, waters), but also side dishes (pasta salad, chips and chip dip, cookies, pie), plates, eating utensils, and tablecloths. Oh, and don’t forget about the grill!

If you’re planning a tailgate, make sure that you’re prepared. The last thing you want to happen is to forget one of the essentials, not plan accordingly for the likelihood of inclement weather or forget about including a place for people to use the bathroom conveniently. That could quickly derail your tailgate, leading to some unhappy guests. Remember, game day is an event. Make sure yours is planned down to the smallest detail.

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