What Kind of Portable Restroom Do You Need?

A bear goes in the woods. We know this. But where do construction workers, wedding guests and festival-goers go while outside, far away from the comforts of normal bathrooms? The nearby café or hotel would answer that question with “elsewhere.” When planning an outdoor event or project for groups of people, there is one important thing that should not be overlooked. Nature will call. And nature hates to go unanswered.

The people at gotügo can help. They offer a variety of portable restrooms from the simple standard unit to large restroom trailers, which are suitable for any outdoor event or project. Here is some of what they offer.

Standard porta potty unit: The standard unit features reinforced walls, covered floor and roof, toilet, coat hook, door lock, ventilation, and toilet paper dispenser. This unit is suitable for most any place, especially construction sites, festivals, and sporting events. It’s can also be used during emergency situations when people are displaced or evacuated from their homes or businesses. There is also a standard unit that adds a sink, urinal, and paper towel and soap dispensers.

Elite porta potty unit: The elite unit shares the features of the standard unit and standard w/sink unit, but includes a flush-toilet, a mirror and an optional motion-activated light. The elite unit is good for corporate and government functions, weddings, celebrations, and festivals.

ADA porta potty unit: The ADA unit is similar to the standard unit, but is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and adds handrails, pneumatic door closure, and a lower threshold.

Hi-rise porta potty unit: This porta john is essentially a standard unit with urinal that is equipped to be crane-lifted at a construction site. It includes a lift kit so it can be moved to the upper floors of a construction site. Also, great for construction sites is the elevator unit. It’s a smaller unit with wheels than can be moved up and down a site via an elevator.

The luxury restroom trailers: These are the most extravagant porta potty rental that a person can have. The formal restroom trailer, formal plus trailer, and the executive restroom trailer all feature two-to-three units and an interior aesthetic not too dissimilar from a home restroom. All feature lights, multiple toilets, urinals and sinks, air conditioning, and vanities. The formal plus and executive even have sound systems. These trailers are good for corporate events, weddings or most large groups of people.

The larger, higher occupancy trailers: The festival plus trailer and the construction trailer are akin to full-size public restrooms. They feature multiple toilets, urinals, sinks, stalls and more. Both are equipped with lighting, air conditioning, and heating.

• Also, gotügo offers standalone sinks and hand sanitizing stations that are great for any event.

Gotugo’s rentable portable bathrooms are a must for outdoor events with large groups of people. They offer immaculate products, competitive pricing, and unmatched service. So, when planning an event like an outdoor wedding or a corporate or government event, you’ve gotta go with gotügo.

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