5 Tips For Planning A Foolproof Outdoor Wedding

  1. Fool proof weddingKnow The Weather. Do some basic research to identify when certain weather phenomena are likely to occur. Don’t plan an outdoor wedding during a typically rainy season, or when the weather is too hot or too cold. The safest time for an outdoor wedding is during milder seasons, typically late spring or early fall.
  2. Incorporate Natural Décor. What’s the best part of an outdoor wedding? The fact that décor can be naturally built in! Build your theme around the natural elements that are present in the setting for your ceremony or reception. This will not only save money on decorations, but it will provide a breathtaking backdrop for your big day.
  3. Have A Plan B. While it takes a lot of planning to set up for the perfect day, it’s important to have a back up plan in case of unwanted weather or natural elements. A plan B can be as simple as having a back-up tent rental, or preferably an indoor setting for re-location. Whatever location you choose to book for your special day, see if they offer both indoor and outdoor settings. This way, in case of emergency, you can smoothly move inside and continue the festivities without much interruption.
  4. Dress For Success. Think about the type of fabric and material weight for both your wedding dress and tuxedos. This will be crucial for comfort on your special day. If you have a summertime outdoor wedding, choose lighter fabrics that breathe well. For weddings in the fall, a thicker material will help keep you comfortable on cooler outdoor days.
  5. Talk To Your Rental Vendors. Chances are, you will have to rent a decent amount of equipment for your outdoor wedding. This can range from tents to chairs to even portable restrooms! Talk to your vendors in advance to determine what type of equipment will best suit your needs and match your individual wedding theme. Here at gotügo, we have a wide selection of portable toilets and restroom trailers to choose from, so we can definitely help you choose the perfect option on your special day!
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