Renting Portable Bathrooms for Outdoor Weddings

Among the thousands of tasks that need to be checked off in preparation for a wedding, one thing you don’t want getting overlooked at an outside venue is the bathroom! Especially in temperate areas like our beloved Maryland/DC/Virginia region, outdoor weddings have become all the rage. No matter if you’re planning a rustic spring wedding in an old farmhouse, or an outdoor winter ceremony surrounded by holiday twinkle lights, one thing is unavoidable: your guests will need access to clean lavatories.

When most people think about portable restrooms, they might think of the typical grungy Porta Potty stations found at tailgates, which generally aren’t what you would want your formally dressed guests to have to use. But there are better options. Gotügo offers clean, professional, and comfortable bathroom options for your more formal events like weddings.

Check out some features of the best wedding portable restroom options available:

  • Executive Restroom Trailer – separate men and women’s bathroom stalls include two sinks and four stalls each with floor to ceiling locking doors. This trailer portable unit offers linoleum flooring, heat and AC units, radio and CD amenities, and plenty of room to maneuver around in – the gold standard in portable restrooms for weddings.
  • Formal Restroom Trailer – two stalls and one sink in separate areas for men and women’s bathroom needs. With powered roof vents, hot and cold running water, and AC included in this trailer it is the perfect addition for smaller outdoors weddings.
  • Formal Plus Restroom Trailer – step onto the faux hardware floor in this unit and check out the stalls separated between men and women. These trailers also include vanities and counter tops along with AC, radio and CD capabilities, and toilet paper/paper towel dispensers.

No matter which restroom trailer option you choose for your big day remember that Gotügo delivers well-maintained quality products no matter what the occasion. You can chat with a representative today about booking our services for your wedding. As the big day gets closer don’t forget to breathe! You’ve checked at least one thing off your list!

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