Should I Rent a Portable Sink for My Camping Trip?

camping with portable sinkA camping trip can be an exciting adventure into the unknown, regardless of whether you are alone, with friends, or with family. You’re already expecting to give up many of the comforts of home when you’re camping. However, whatever you encounter on your trip, the challenges will be easier to face if you have the right equipment.

Many campers and other outdoors enthusiasts decide to rent portable sinks for their camping trips. You might want to rent one depending on the rest of your equipment, what you’re planning to use it for, and the length of your trip.

Consider Space and Weight Constraints

If you’re going on an overnight camping trip by yourself, and are carrying nothing but a backpack, you might not want to rent a portable sink. It’ll be too great a proportion of the total weight that you can carry, and the space capacity of your backpack. If you and bunch of buddies are backpacking together for a few nights however, a portable sink can be a nice amenity. It only weighs a couple of pounds, and one of you can carry it while the rest of you divide up a few pounds’ worth of that camper’s other gear if necessary.


Think About Who’s Going With You

Portable sinks are great for washing hands in the wild. If you are traveling with a younger child, they can help your child feel a lot more comfortable because of access to running water. If it’s just you and a couple of college buddies, you might relish the idea of a few days without a formal sink.

What Kind of Food Are You Going to Eat?

A common reason to rent a portable sink is to wash your dishes. Having a warm meal off of real dishes and washing them afterward can be a welcome luxury during a camping trip. However, if you’re just camping for a night or two, and are toughing it out on simple food such as trail mix and other finger food, portable sinks might not be as appealing.

A portable sink is the ultimate way to enhance your camping experience. Interested? Contact us today for help planning the ultimate camping trip!

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