Providing Clean Bathroom Facilities on a Construction Site?

Do you ever drive by a construction worker who is high in the sky working on a skyscraper and wonder, what will they do when they have to go to the bathroom? Maybe I’m weird, but growing up as a kid, I certainly did. So what do they do? Do they hold it? Do they rush down the elevator to use a nearby facility on the ground?

At gotügo, we have two custom-designed solutions – our Hi-Rise Crane Unit and our Elevator Unit.

Hi-Rise Crane Porta Potty Unit

Gotugo’s Hi Rise Crane Porta Potty unit is ideal for construction sites due to the lift kit attached to our standard porta potty model. The Hi Rise Crane Porta Potty unit is the basic unit for construction sites, with a harness that allows it to be lifted by crane to fit the needs of construction workers at any height in a high-rise or multi floor building. This porta potty comes with a full toilet and urinal, an attached lift kit, and can even come with a portable hand sanitizer or hand wash station as an additional add-on.

Note: plan ahead with this style! Due to the fact that this is attached to the standard porta potty unit, it is oversized and might not fit through all your site doors and pathways.  Plan where it will be best located.

Porta Potty Elevator Unit 

Another solution for any construction sites is our porta potty elevator unit. The hi-rise unit is designed specifically to meet the needs of contractors with crews working on multiple stories simultaneously. This style of toilet provides a cost effective mean for restroom facilities. On any construction site, time is money and unnecessary wasted minutes traveling mean lost revenue. So rent a unit designed to be hoisted quickly or sent up via an elevator, equipped with a rear urinal and privacy door. You can also add on the portable hand sanitizer station or hand washing stations as an optional feature.

Contact Gotugo today and we would be more than happy to discuss the best option and solution to fit your needs.

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