It’s Football Season! Start Preparing to Host a Tournament Event

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One of the best parts about summer is that football season is just around the corner! Summer practice is well underway for most football teams, and you may be preparing to host a preseason or early season football tournament event to give teams the opportunity to see where they stand. The following tips will help you to plan a safe and fun tournament!

Plan the Logistics

Designate one or more main playing fields as well as other fields that can be used for practice and warm-ups. Identify a single entry gate to the main playing field through which only authorized coaches and players are permitted to enter to get to the field. Provide players and coaches with some sort of pass, such as a plastic wristband, and have a gatekeeper screen people who try to enter onto the field.

Grow Healthy Grass

Make sure that your field’s grass is as healthy as possible. Months or weeks before the tournament begins, you may need to keep athletes off of your facility’s football and practice fields for a few weeks to let the grass grow. As the tournament date approaches, be sure to schedule the sprinklers so that they don’t douse the field just before the game.

Put Safety First

A medical tent, staffed with qualified athletic trainers, is essential for a safe tournament. The tent should be stocked with a range of first aid supplies, ice, and portable medical tables. Also, be sure that there are sufficient water and sports drinks available for all the athletes, since playing in the heat can lead to dehydration.

Make the Event Fan-Friendly

Encourage spectators to support the athletes by making the football tournament fan-friendly. Check the bleachers to make sure that they are stable and do not have splinters. Offer concessions, including cold drinks and packaged snacks at a minimum, and set up a sound system so that fans can hear the tournament announcer narrate the plays. Also be sure you order enough portable restrooms to handle the crowds.

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