Tailgating Soon? Here’s How to Plan the Ultimate Tailgate

tailgate-porta-pottyThere are few things more synonymous with the fall season than football. And for those that are going to the big game, it’s not just about watching a three hour matchup on the gridiron, but the experience of gameday as a whole. Part of this experience is tailgating.

Needless to say, but tailgating is a fun way to socialize with friends and build anticipation leading up to the game. But are you a pro tailgater? Chances are when you load up the car on college Saturday and NFL Sunday mornings to head out to campus or the stadium, you’re forgetting something that can make the gameday experience even better for you and your guests.

With that being said, here’s a look at some of the most common things football fans forget when they’re planning a tailgate:

Don’t Forget These Items When You’re Planning a Tailgate

  • Utensils: So you’ve packed the grill, food and drinks. But what about the utensils to eat the food with? Don’t forget about paper plates, napkins, cups and forks, spoons and knives. You’d hate to be that guy trying to bum such items from those in surrounding tailgates.
  • A radio/TV: OK, so this isn’t 100 percent necessary, but a radio or TV is a nice touch to any tailgate. You can listen to the pre-game shows and blast pump-up music from the radio and catch the earlier games and highlight reel from other events going on outside of your game on a portable TV.
  • Porta potty: There’s a good chance that the college campus or pro stadium lot you’re tailgating on is prepared for gameday and has already shipped in hundreds of portable restrooms for event-goers to use. But in the event that your tailgate is a bit off the beaten path – or if you just want your own personal porta potty for your group so you don’t have to wait in any long lines – then a porta potty rental could be of interest. They come in all different varieties, from simple to luxurious, to meet anyone’s needs.
  • Cover: Hopefully, part of your tailgating ensemble includes a pop up tent. Not only does this help offer shade from the sun, but it’s also protection from the elements. Nothing stops a football fan – snow, rain, hail – but a tent with some good cover can help minimize the conditions.
  • Your tickets: Believe it or not, some football fans are so focused on planning the perfect tailgate that they forget to bring along the core reason why they’re hosting a tailgate in the first place – game tickets! So as you’re heading out the door to claim that early prime spot in Lot 5, make sure you do one last quick check around the house to make sure that you’re not forgetting anything. It would be a shame to plan so thoroughly for a tailgate and then not get to enjoy the game as well.

Planning a tailgate is a lot of work – but it comes with a big payoff if you do it right. So make sure that this football season, you’re not overlooking the little details.

Team up with gotügo for your portable restroom needs if you’ll be tailgating soon!

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