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If you live or work in Washington DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia, be prepared for disaster to strike. The Mid-Atlantic region encounters many different kinds of serious disasters including severe hurricanes, wild fires, tornados, floods, and tidal surges. Disasters are an ever-present possibility that you should be prepared for in order to be as safe as possible.

Hurricane Sandy, tornadoes, wildfire are just a few of the natural disasters that have most recently affected the Maryland/DC/Virginia area. FEMA recommends that families make a communication plan in case of emergency, so that family members can find each other even when there is widespread destruction.

It is prudent for Mid-Atlantic businesses and homes alike to have at least one disaster plan. The City of Laurel, MD has guidelines for dealing with food and water in case of disaster. Sanitation is also important when natural disaster strikes especially in high-density locations. Maryland porta potty rentals are needed to provide essential toilet services. Some companies are uniquely equipped to handle sanitation problems that will become a danger to public health if not taken care of in a timely way. Natural disaster porta potty rentals protect residents from the spread of disease –  especially in areas where outages in water and or sewer may be prolonged.

The extensive experience found at gotügo includes responding to hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and more. With coverage throughout the Mid-Atlantic, we have a huge inventory of Maryland porta potty rentals and related equipment. We have the ability to quickly move assets into an afflicted area, set up a route infrastructure, and provide complete professional service with skilled employees within our operating area. Gotügo, the premiere porta potty rental company in Maryland, provides services wherever and whenever they are needed.

We are well prepared to meet your sanitation needs on an ordinary day or when disaster strikes. Our 250-gallon waste tanks can accommodate 10 individuals for 5 days and our natural disaster porta potty rentals are easily and quickly deployed.

Often when natural disaster occurs, municipal water and sewer services may be unavailable. In these situations natural disaster porta potty rentals can bridge the gap until services can be restored. The gotügo porta potty rentals are available in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.

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