Fun, Family Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

What better way to teach children about environmental awareness than to design a craft using recycled toilet paper rolls? Use cardboard toilet paper rolls as the main component in fun crafts such as colorful butterflies, spooky bats, and as the base for sewing activities for young children. Bathroom crafts using toilet paper rolls may include makeup brush holders—a fun and easy gift to make for Mother’s Day or just because.


Paper Roll Butterfly

Supplies needed for a simple toilet paper roll butterfly are:

– Cardboard toilet paper roll

– Construction paper

– White glue

– Pipe cleaners (any color)

– Stapler with staples

– “Googly eyes” or black marker

– Scissors

Make a template of basic butterfly wings from a piece of sturdy construction paper or poster board. Use the template to trace wings on any color construction paper. Cut the wings out and attach with white glue to the back of a cardboard toilet paper roll. Children can color the wings and even add glitter before attaching to the paper roll “body.” Be sure the glitter is dry before attaching. Cut antennae from a pipe cleaner, each measuring about one-inch and staple to the sides of the butterfly’s “head” (at the top of the roll). Add googly eyes or draw eyes with a black marker—don’t forget to add a smile!

These cheerful butterflies can be party table decorations, hung with string from trees at an outdoor party, or even hung inside a porta potty rental to add a whimsical touch, especially when entertaining children. When hosting a large gathering attended by many children, consider designating one porta potty rental to be the “kid-potty,” making the unfamiliar facility less scary for younger children. Be sure to attach the butterflies with no-mess tape – never use tacks or nails on rental property.

Spooky bats

Toilet Paper Roll Bats

The whole family can be a part of making the ideal decoration for Halloween, spooky bats from toilet paper rolls! These scary bats are easy to make and require minimal materials.

  • Cardboard toilet paper roll
  • Black construction paper
  • White glue
  • Googly eyes
  • White paint marker
  • Scissors

Cover the paper toilet roll with black construction paper. Instead of a bat wing template, trace the children’s hands onto black construction paper, cut out and use as wings. Glue the wings to the paper roll “body.” Glue the googly eyes to create the face, adding fangs with the white paint marker for a spooky bat or a smiley for a friendly bat. Ears may be added by cutting small triangles from the black construction paper.

Sewing activity

Remember sewing cards? Make your own by using recycled toilet paper rolls. Simply punch holes into the paper roll with a pointed pencil, creating basic running-stitch designs. The holes also may be punched with a larger, kid-friendly plastic needle—ideal for little hands to grasp and safer than metal needles. Thread the needle with colorful yarn and proceed with the sewing lesson.

Makeup brush caddy

Handmade gifts are especially fun for kids to give on holidays such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday. A makeup brush caddy requires only a few materials and a little creativity.

  • Cardboard toilet paper roll
  • Piece of cardboard cut into a 3-inch-by-3-inch square
  • Craft glue
  • Construction paper
  • Crayons, markers or non-toxic paint
  • Craft glitter
  • Scissors

Cut a piece of construction paper to fit by wrapping around the toilet paper roll. Have the child decorate one side of the paper with crayon, markers or non-toxic paint (and glitter if desired) and set it aside to dry. When dry, attach it to the paper roll using the craft glue. Allow the craft glue to dry and then attach the decorated roll to the cardboard base with more craft glue. Dry thoroughly before wrapping if giving as a present.

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