Fun Facts About Porta Potties

fun-facts-porta-pottiesPortable restrooms, or porta potties as they’re often known, are a staple at large outdoor events (i.e. tailgates, concerts, family reunions, weddings, etc.), as well as construction sites, emergency service projects and remodeling gigs. Arguably, they’re one of the most under appreciated amenities at events and sites, despite the somewhat odd reputation that they may have in society.

On a similar note, there’s likely a slew of odd facts and weird history involving the portable restroom that you’re probably unaware of. So, just in case there’s ever a “portable restroom” category on Jeopardy, you’ll be well prepared after reading this. So on a fun, light note – here’s a look at some fun porta potty facts:

Portable Restroom Facts

  • Portable restrooms have a history dating back to the 1940s, where they served shipbuilders working on the California docks. It was a waste of time and productivity for workers to have to leave the docks each time they needed to use the restroom, so the supervisor inquired whether there was a way the bathroom could be brought to his workers. Hence, the early porta potty was born. They were made of heavy wood and metal back then – and were extremely difficult to keep clean, not to mention move from location to location. Just think how far the portable restroom industry has come over the past 80 years!
  • Eco-friendly: Portable restrooms have an eco-friendly benefit to them. That’s because since they don’t flush, the process requires far less water than a conventional toilet. It’s estimated that using a portable toilet over a conventional one actually uses 90 percent less water. So the next time you use a porta potty, just think – you’re doing your part to save the planet!
  • A convenient amenity: What does President Obama’s inauguration have in common with porta potties? Consider the fact that some 5,000 portable restrooms were shipped into Washington D.C. for the event, making it one of the biggest porta potty events of all time.
  • Actually, quite sanitary: Porta potties get a bit of a bad rap for not exactly being the most luxurious place to do your business. But somehow, they also have the tag of being unsanitary. That’s just not true. Porta potties can actually keep you quite clean – and that’s because they can be purchased with portable sinks and hand sanitizer stations. Don’t exclude those amenities the next time you need a portable restroom for an event to feel fresh and clean.
  • Porta pranks: One of the most popular porta potty pranks is tipping them over. But this can be a very dangerous – and expensive – way to get laughs. Take the case of a Pennsylvania man who recently won a $5 million lawsuit after he was paralyzed in a porta potty tipping prank. So while porta tipping seems like a fun way to get laughs, be aware of the consequences!

So now that you know a little bit more about the portable restroom, it’s easy to see why they play such an important role at various events and job sites. For more information about the portable restrooms and portable restroom trailers, contact us today.

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