Five Common Porta Potty Myths

  1. Portable restrooms aren’t clean. Go ahead – step inside one of our immaculate units and find out for yourself. At gotügo, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness and quality maintenance of our units. In certain cases, restroom trailers are accompanied by a helpful attendant who will ensure your unit remains spotless for the entirety of your event. Portable sinks and hand sanitizers add an extra level of protection, and help maintain cleanliness throughout all units.
  2. Portable restrooms will be an eyesore at my wedding or corporate event. With advances in modern portable restrooms and restroom trailers, there is no need to worry about portable restrooms disrupting the ambiance of your celebration. For weddings or corporate events we suggest considering portable restroom trailers, which conceal the stereotypical look of a portable restroom and provide numerous amenities such as stainless steel sinks, faux hardwood flooring, air conditioning, heating, and even AM/FM stereos. These trailers include multiple stalls, easily accommodating numerous guests.
  3. A toilet seat has more germs then your office keyboard. Untrue! Office keyboards often carry more germs then a portable toilet seat. While many believe toilet seats are germ-infested, this is often not the case. Areas to watch out for include sinks, door handles, and toilet paper dispensers. However, portable restrooms are regularly – and extensively – cleaned, and often come with attendants to ensure the maintenance of your restroom. However, to prevent germs, always properly wash your hands, and sanitize just in case. Oh, and don’t forget to clean your keyword, too.
  4. Portable restrooms don’t offer the same amenities as indoor restrooms. False! Outdoor portable restrooms can offer the same amenities found in any indoor restroom. While standard porta potty units have limited space, add ons such as portable sinks and portable hand sanitizers modernize outdoor restrooms. Larger units, such as restroom trailers, come pre-equipped with numerous modern amenities – you won’t even know you are outdoors!
  5. Portable restrooms are only useful for construction sites and large festivals. Wrong again! Portable restrooms can cater to any kind of occasion, and can offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for large-scale events. Portable restrooms are often commonly found at weddings, outdoor reunions and celebrations, festivals, and sporting events. Portable toilets can be resourceful during remodeling or construction, where contractors may not have access to other facilities. Government agencies often require the use of portable restrooms in government and state facilities, as well as numerous secure areas. Last, but not least, portable restrooms can be very useful in the event of an emergency or natural disaster that displaces individuals from their homes. Despite the plan or purpose, gotügo is sure to have a portable restroom solution to meet your needs.
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