What Will You Do During a Home Renovation? Hold It? We’ve Got the Answer

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Even if you’re not doing the work yourself, home remodeling is stressful. Your family’s daily routines are disrupted, whole areas of your home and its resources are often unavailable for long periods of time, noise and dust abound, and strangers come and go.

Thorough planning is vital to a successful home remodeling project. When scheduling contractors, materials, and preparing your home to receive them, it’s easy to overlook some essentials you normally take for granted – your toilet, for one!

Whether or not your water will be turned off and your bathroom will become unavailable, you may want to explore portable potty options. Like most people, you probably don’t want strangers, no matter how polite, using your family bathroom for a restroom. Privacy, security and ongoing cleanliness are the reasons many homeowners rent a portable toilet when renovating their homes. Happily, the toilet rental industry has sophisticated suppliers whose established firms offer a wide selection of porta potties that can make your home remodeling far less stressful. Gotügo’s extensive line of portable sanitation solutions should be considered in light of your specific remodeling needs.

Remodeling Your Home’s Bathroom

You may have another bathroom, but if the main waterline to your home is off, at the minimum, you’ll need a toilet. Gotügo has options that include the basic model or one with a hand washing station. Both have a toilet paper dispenser, coat hook, and mirror. Offered in chartreuse and dark green, they are more homey than harshly utilitarian.

If you have small children, Gotügo’s oversized porta potty with changing station may be right for you. It’s one and half times larger than the standard unit, and has a shelf for such necessities as diapers, wipes and personal items. Another convenient feature is the roll toilet paper dispenser. The stack vent provides necessary ventilation.

For family members with special needs, remodeling can be a trying time. Gotügo can help alleviate some stress with its thoughtfully designed and well-built ADA units. Bolstered with reinforced polyethylene walls, the ADA porta potty is an almost ground level, wheel-chair accessible portable toilet. Other essential features are additional room, sturdy aluminum transport handles, three wall handrail support, lock hasp, coat hook and pneumatic door closure. An optional hand sanitizer is available.


Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bath

If both your kitchen and bath are out of action for most of the day during your remodeling, a portable toilet alone may not be enough to meet your basic sanitation requirements. If you’d like a more robust hand washing solution for your family and workers than just your porta potty’s hand sanitizer, Gotügo’s portable hand-washing double sink is dependable. It features a 21-gallon fresh water tank with visual level indicators that offers 1408 pumps, a 1000 sheet paper towel dispenser and two 30-ounce soap dispensers.

Porta Potty Placement

Out of consideration for your neighbors and post-renovation relationships, carefully decide where to place your porta potty. Out of sight may be impossible, but behind or on the side of your home is better than on the front lawn. Your neighbors may already be unhappy with the noise of your renovations, and the comings and goings of your workers. Wherever you place your porta potty, Gotügo will ensure that it is immaculately serviced.

What to look for when selecting a porta potty provider

You’ll want a proven, reliable portable restroom provider dedicated to bringing you the most effective and most appropriate porta potty solution for your home remodeling project. Gotügo has been serving the portable sanitation needs of the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area for 30 years. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with porta potty rental for your home remodeling sanitation needs.

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