Tips on Planning your Porta Potty Rental

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Are you planning an outdoor event this season like a wedding, a graduation or a church picnic? With all of the details to arrange, one of the things that can get easily overlooked is ordering portable restrooms for your guests. Having facilities for your outdoor party allows guests to enjoy themselves without having to leave early to go find a restroom or without dozens of people tromping through your house looking for the bathroom.

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Today’s portable restrooms are not your grandmother’s outhouses. This generation of porta potties offers clean, secure, fresh-smelling facilities. You can even opt for a hand-washing station, baby-changing station or ADA-accessible restrooms. Portable restroom trailers are even more deluxe, with flushing toilets, vanities and faux wood floors. Some even have air conditioning and heat.

Tips for planning your porta potty rental

With all of the options available, planning for your portable restroom rental can be a little confusing. Below are a few tips to help make the process easier.

1. Consider the number of people at your event. The number of people you expect to attend your event will help determine how many units you’ll need. We advise customers to plan for one unit for every 50 guests for an event of four hours or less and two units for every 50 guests for an event lasting up to eight hours. If there is alcohol being served at the event, we recommend increasing that number by 20 percent.

2. Consider the type of unit(s). As we discussed above, there are two basic kinds of porta potties–freestanding units and trailer units (sometimes called executive porta potties). Trailer units are a good choice for formal events, such as weddings and fundraisers. They also make sense for a less formal function, such as an early spring construction site, where heat would be welcome. For an outdoor picnic or concert, the freestanding units should suffice. You can also rent ADA-accessible units of both types.

3. Shop local. Choosing a portable restroom vendor that is based in your area helps to ensure efficient and timely delivery of your units. A local vendor also understands the local weather nuances and can suggest heat or air conditioning for your units when it makes sense, something you may not remember when making plans six months or more in advance.

4. Decide on the options you need. In addition to the portable restroom units, you can rent hand-washing stations that disperse fresh water and soap. You can even rent water holding tanks and waste holding tanks, a good idea when you’re renting portable restrooms for more than a couple of days.

Read our Event Planning Guide for more information on planning an event.

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