Tailoring Porta Potties to Match your Event

Decorated Porta Potty Wedding

People tend to see a temporary toilet as exactly that, temporary. They treat it as such, taking less care than they might in a permanent facility. However, given a little flair and the typical porta potty can be transformed into a necessary accessory of your wedding or event!


A porta potty rental for outdoor weddings is a must, but some are wary of how they might look. For weddings and other more formal events, it’s best to skip an individual porta potty and opt for restroom trailers. These larger bathrooms provide more space, lights, and built-in sinks, ideal for people trying to go in formal wear. The Formal Plus Restroom Trailer from gotügo offers separate bathroom areas for men and women, vanities with elegant countertops, stainless steel sinks, hardwood floor, AM/FM radio, CD player, and toilet paper and soap dispensers.

Add personalization and a sense of going to another “room” in an outdoor setting by renting a tent large enough to hide trailers entirely, or decorate the porta potties to make them part of the wedding package. Use white lights or lace to add a little festivity to the facility, and don’t neglect the interior. Flowers and bows can go a long way toward making guests forget they are in a temporary restroom.

Sports Events

Semi-permanent porta potty rentals, such as those for seasonal sports, offer prime opportunity for decorating. As a fall sport, football offers ample seasonal possibilities. Consider pumpkins and wheat bales for Halloween and Thanksgiving, or stringing up lights at Christmas.

While dressing up a portable toilet can keep an event classy, the most essential part of potty planning is to make sure everyone’s needs are met. For most events, it’s a good idea to opt for ADA-accessible options and baby-changing stations, so your guests have everything they require.

If you’re searching for porta potty rentals in Maryland, you can find portable restrooms with all these amenities through gotügo. For more than 30 years, gotügo has provided well-maintained portable facilities for temporary potty needs for events across state lines.

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