When to Rent Water Tanks or Waste Holding Tanks

water tank and waste tank

If you’re hosting an event or planning logistics for a group of people in a remote location, sanitation and water needs are crucial to the planning process. When renting portable restroom facilities, often water tanks are forgotten. However, water tanks provide the water used in sinks and units with flushing toilets. Waste tanks can supplement your existing waste storage facilities. Gotügo has been the go-to supplier for porta potty rentals in the Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia area for more than thirty years, and our water tanks and waste holding tanks are two items in our suite of offerings.

If you decide to rent water or waste tanks, the first thing you need to know is that they both require an existing plumbing hookup. With that in mind, we’ll discuss when to rent these tanks and how you can use each of these products effectively, and when to use them in the first place.

How many people do these two items serve? The PSAI provides a standard we will use as a guide. A 100-gallon water tank will supply enough water for sinks and flush toilets for up to 10 workers over a regular 40-hour workweek. You can estimate the appropriate number of tanks for a larger group or longer period of time by using these numbers as a starting point. For example, 20 people working the same period of time will need two tanks instead of one, and so on.

Both the water holding tank and the waste holding tank can connect to a trailer, which allows water to be available in an environment where none is available like an emergency site, construction environment, or a temporary facility. Gotügo will install and service your tank on-site, deliver it on demand, and remove it when you no longer need it.

Gotügo rents a 250-gallon waste holding tank that will connect directly to virtually any type of plumbing setup. These waste tanks can then be used to store black water (human bio waste), or gray water (water from restroom and kitchen sinks). You could conceivably set up one tank for each type of wastewater. One 250-gallon waste holding tank will provide enough storage for up to 10 working employees over a 40-hour working week. For larger storage needs, tanks may be connected together to increase storage capacity. As with the water tank, these connect directly to the plumbing in an office or restroom trailer.

We’ve discussed both of these options in terms of a 10 person staff working a 40-hour week, but what about for other needs? Small events and festivals often rent trailers with plumbing, and gotügo rents restroom trailers that include holding tanks. However, renting an additional holding tank can supplement the storage capacity of these facilities if you’re planning for a larger group. Serving alcohol at an event? You’ll need more storage, so plan accordingly.

Gotügo offers waste tanks and water tanks to meet all your sanitation and water needs, and our staff is standing by to help you determine exactly what those needs are. Call us if you have more questions or want to reserve your facilities: 410-360-1215.

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