When to Rent Porta Potties with Baby Changing Stations

Porta Potties with Baby Changing Stations

Are you planning or organizing an event with small children, babies, or pregnant women? Regardless of whether it’s a family function or professional, personal, cultural, or other activity, consider your attendees. If some of them have small children and babies, a porta potty with a baby changing station may be just the thing to help a parent feel comfortable.

A Safe Location to Change a Child

When traveling with small children and infants, parents know that keeping their children in fresh diapers is no easy chore. Attempting to find an adequate place to change your child’s diapers is trying. Regular bathrooms are very unsuited to this task. If you try to change a child in public, the disapproval of fellow guests may be palpable.

Baby Changing Station Porta Potty

If you want to be considerate of all your guests while planning an outdoor event, include a porta potty with a changing table in your plans. Without a doubt, your guests will appreciate your extended degree of hospitality.

A porta potty with baby changing station is ideal for smaller events. This unit is 50 percent larger than the size of a standard porta potty and includes a well-designed baby changing station. This unit holds a 62-gallon water tank. The Porta Potty with Baby Changing Station unit includes a convenient shelf for your personal belongings and is available in forest green.

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