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If you are having an event, celebration, or working an outside job, having a clean portable toilet nearby is a must. It is a service that we all take for granted at indoor events, however, it becomes a necessity whenever a group of people gather. Unfortunately, many times portable toilets are dirty or unsightly, and detract from your event. With gotügo, the inconvenience and the mess of cleaning portable toilets is taken care of professionally, allowing you to enjoy your event, or to concentrate on work. You can truly be a guest at your own party, and let the professionals take care of business. In addition, you know that you are providing your loved ones with a clean facility to use. gotügo provides the portable toilets, as well as the servicing of them. We hold ourselves to a standard of top quality, with an expectation for pristine and sanitized units throughout the event. Depending on your location and the size of your event, there are several types of portable toilets to choose from. The Elite Flushing Porta Potty comes equipped with a flushing mechanism to reduce odors, has a sink, coat hook and reinforced walls for convenience and privacy. This unit is ideal for a home party or picnic. You can also use a larger unit such as a restroom trailer. Restroom trailers come in different sizes to fit your needs. One unit, the Executive Restroom Trailer, is a private space for guests, and has both a men’s and women’s bathroom. The trailer also features a more finished look with interior lights, stone linoleum flooring, and chrome and nickel fixtures and plumbing. If your work takes you to locations without bathroom facilities, gotügo can help you by providing a sanitary unit for you and your team. Units are available for skyscrapers, as well as on the ground units so that you can work in comfort and without worry. Renting a portable toilet for your party or event from gotügo is a complete stress reliever. You can spend your time with guests or family members, and leave the restroom-related matter to our professionals. You can rely on gotügo for bug-free, germ-free, and damage-free portable units that are clean and ready to use every time. Contact us today for information on reserving portable restroom units for your next event.

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