Planning your Spring Wedding: Vendors you Don’t Want to Forget


Spring is a lovely time for an outdoor wedding in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Flowering dogwoods, cherry blossom trees, and emerging tulips in the area make an apt metaphor for a new beginning together. However, planning an outdoor wedding presents some unique challenges and the need for additional vendors. The common and necessary vendors like photographer, caterer, and florist are a given, but have you made plans to enlist the services of every vendor you’re going to need for a successful outdoor wedding? Below are a few vendors you may not have thought of, but need to consider:

1. Porta potty rental company. Whenever you get a large number of people together outdoors, it’s wise to consider their bathroom needs. Though not the first thing one thinks of when planning a wedding, wedding porta potty rentals can make your guests more comfortable and encourage them to stay at the function longer. These units don’t have to be awkward, smelly affairs. Companies, like Maryland’s gotügo, offer streamlined, clean, easy-to-use freestanding units and restroom trailers that can make your wedding much more friendly for your guests.

2. Climate control. Not even the most meticulous wedding planner can control the weather. If you’ve scheduled an early spring wedding in the DC area, consider renting portable heaters so your guests will be comfortable should it get chilly during the service and reception. If your DC nuptials are scheduled for later in the spring, when the weather can get rather steamy in places, consider renting portable fans to circulate the air.

3. Sound system rental. A windy day or a babbling brook can easily drown out your wedding vows and make it all but impossible for your guests to hear the service. To combat this, consider renting a sound system for the service and the reception so that the participants won’t have to yell over the sounds of nature and so that your guests will be able to fully enjoy your marriage ceremony and the party afterwards. Speakers don’t have to be intrusive. You can place units on tall stands on either side of the aisle about every 12 to 15 feet without impeding your guest’s view .

4. Tent rental. Planning a spring outdoor wedding in the Washington DC area without reserving a tent is leaving a little too much to chance. While many spring days are sunny and lovely, most carry at least the threat of a light drizzle. An outdoor wedding can still be enjoyable under a tent, but wet seats and umbrellas make for a soggy affair. Plus, if you find the weather is beautiful when you arrive at the site, you can always have the tent disassembled.

Don’t just hire a photographer, caterer, and florist and consider your outdoor wedding plans complete. Make sure to also enlist the services of these less-talked-about vendors to ensure that your special day is memorable both for you AND for your guests. Check one vendor off your list by contacting gotügo today for your portable restroom needs! We offer the best wedding trailers in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.

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