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A large family reunion doesn’t take place every day. The mood is exceptional as people who haven’t seen each other for years share stories and tears, not to mention phone numbers and recipes. This congenial atmosphere is shared by all in attendance, as are the brownies and soda.

Though the planner of the family gathering seems to have remembered everything, including a slide show that features the best of several generations, you find yourself looking about for a place to use the bathroom. With a group this large, the volume of need could be considerable. The great familial warmth might be cooled off a bit if you have aunts, uncles and a gaggle of grandchildren all having to go at the same time.

Fortunately, Great Uncle Bert, the current patriarch and planner of the event literally thought of everything. He contacted gotügo, and to your great relief—both emotionally and physically—there is a row of beautiful, clean portable restrooms conveniently located for the event.

Uncle Bert may have reached his wisdom through a lifetime of experience, but you can benefit from the wide variety of options from gotügo for several practical reasons as well.

Cost Savings

For an event of this size you’re going to need porta potty rental facilities to accommodate everyone, but you can’t logically build fixed toilets for a family reunion that may not take place but once a decade—unless you have access to an outrageous amount of money. Renting clean, dignified yet temporary porta potties is a much more economic way to go: all the amenities without the expense.


Once you have placed your portable toilet rental with gotügo, you’re done. You can sit back and enjoy your time with the family knowing that everything will be taken care of. gotügo delivers the cubicles, sets them up where you want them and then takes them away when you’re done. No need to stress about where people will take care of business, leaving you time to take care of the other business of planning the perfect family event.

Your Choice of Options

gotügo has just the type of porta potty to meet your needs, no matter how large your event.

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