Compare Porta Potty Rentals: Executive vs. Formal Restroom Trailers

When you’re hosting an event and want to provide the best, most comfortable facilities for your guests, consider portable restroom trailers from gotügo.

Two of our most popular models are the Formal Restroom Trailer and the Executive Restroom Trailer. Each are designed with comfort and accessibility in mind, and has a unique set of amenities that separate them from your standard porta potty rental.

Formal Restroom Trailer

The Formal Restroom Trailer:

  • Approximately 16 feet wide and over 7 feet deep
  • Separate restroom facilities for men and women – each of the two restrooms has a sink and can accommodate two stalls
  • Climate controlled interior via air conditioning and heat to ensure a comfortable temperature inside, no matter how hot or cold it is outside; interior also includes non-slip flooring to ensure safety
  • The toilets are low-water flush models
  • Each restroom also includes amenities you’d expect in a permanent facility like vanity sinks and urinals; water runs both hot and cold
  • Roof vents on the top of the trailer are powered and can be opened, allowing air circulation
  • Trailer includes stabilizing jacks to ensure it stays level and steady
  • The waste holding tank is 265-gallons; it can accommodate medium-sized events of up to 350 people, making it perfect for a big wedding or a small festival (although, if you’re serving alcohol at your wedding, you may want to consider our larger option).

For a wedding porta potty, the Formal Restroom trailer is a next step up from traditional porta potties. However, if you’re looking for the top of the line model, consider the Executive model, the peak of portable restroom luxury.

Executive Restroom

The Executive Restroom Trailer:

  • Measures 24 x 8 1/2 feet
  • Separate men and women restrooms – each of the two sides has two sinks, and can bet set up with four complete floor-to-ceiling stalls with doors that lock for your privacy
  • Each restroom features two white pedestal sinks with hot and cold running water
  • Equipped with heat and air conditioning for maximum comfort
  • Interior features include decorative lights, chrome faucets, and fixtures finished in brush nickel, a radio and CD player, fold-out steps
  • Stone linoleum floors are elegant and exude class
  • Exterior lighting ensures you’ll be able to see clearly all around the trailer, no matter how late your event goes
  • The trailer includes a 900-gallon waste holding tank. The capacity is large enough to accommodate a large event, a festival, or a large gathering of well over 500 people.

Every one of your guests will feel perfectly at ease in this elegant Executive restroom trailer.

Both trailers add a touch of class to an experience every single guest at your event will share. Everyone will likely visit the bathroom facilities at least once, and luxury amenities like these will elevate that experience from the mundane to fabulous.

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