Septic Tank Backed Up? Get a Backup – Rent a Portable Toilet for Your Home

porta potties for rent in Maryland, Virginia and DCThere are a number of different reasons why you might want to rent a portable toilet for your home. If you’re having a wedding on your property, for example, all of your guests are going to need a convenient place to go to the bathroom without trampling through your house. A tailgate party before the big game would be another situation where a portable toilet would certainly come in handy. If you’re hiring a construction crew for a big project that will take a significant period of time, you might need to rent a portable toilet as part of your service contract. Another reason you may need to rent a porta potty is if there is a temporary problem with your plumbing. No matter the actual reason, renting a portable toilet for your home is not necessarily as difficult as many people assume it to be.

Rent by Need

Many people don’t realize that not all portable toilets are created equal. When you begin the process of renting a portable toilet, you will have to do so while always keeping the specific type of event that you’re anticipating in mind. The type of portable toilet that you would need for a large outdoor wedding and reception, for example, is not the same type that you would necessarily want to use for a festival or sporting event that you’re in charge of organizing.

Different types of portable toilets all have different features that you’re going to want to look into to help make sure that all of your needs are met. Certain Porta Potty models come with extra options like sinks, baby stations, crane and elevator units and more. Porta Potties in general are great for situations where you need to rent a portable toilet but aren’t necessarily expecting a huge amount of people.

If you are expecting a large number of people, going to have a consistent number for a long period of time, or hosting an event at your house, you may want to consider renting a restroom trailer. These units have a large number of different features that regular Porta Potties do not, including air conditioning and heating options for you to choose from depending on the time of year.

Another major benefit of restroom trailers is that they are available in a large number of different styles to help fit in with the visual look of the event in question. If you are having an outdoor wedding, for example, you can opt for a more formal unit. If you are in charge of organizing a company picnic, you could choose a corporate unit. Many also have options like vanities and faux wood flooring to help make things fit in with your event as much as possible.

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