5 Common Porta Potty Myths Part II

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Porta potties often get a bad rap. Other times, they’re just plain misunderstood. But not all of what you hear is true. We debunked five common porta potty myths a few months ago: how your office keyboard is actually more of a germ cesspool than a toilet seat or how porta potties have more uses than just at large festivals. Now to bring further understanding to porta potties, we’ve shared five more common myths and explained why they’re actually untrue.

  1. Porta Potties are dark and unwelcoming. It’s not unusual for just the mention of porta potties to elicit groans and looks of disgust from those who are going to be using it. There is a perceived lack of lighting, which makes the units somewhat uninviting. The truth is that porta potties are perfectly fine and welcoming during the day time hours, but if you want something that’s going to be lit at night, there are other options, like a portable restroom trailer. These units come equipped with lighting, making them comfortable and inviting no matter what time of day.
  2. Portable restrooms aren’t comfortable. Claustrophobia. Too hot inside. Too cold inside. The aforementioned is how many people describe your typical porta potty. We get it. Porta potties might not be the bathroom experience you’ll get at the Ritz Carlton, but there are other options like a restroom trailer. Restroom trailers can be ordered with stylish vanities, much more space than a typical porta potty (convenient for people with disabilities) and with heating and cooling options to boot.
  3. Porta Potties aren’t convenient for people with babies. If you’re renting porta potties for a family reunion or family-friendly event you don’t want to exclude families with babies or small children. To appease, everyone, there are porta potty units that can be ordered with baby stations like the Porta Potty with Baby Changing Station by gotügo.
  4. Porta Potties don’t store enough waste. This is a common assumption among people and it’s also an incorrect one. Standard porta potty units come with 60-gallon waste tanks with options to add to waste tanks that hold up to 250 additional gallons of waste. These tanks are designed to fit just about any plumbing configuration. Just how far will 250 gallons get you? Well, a 250-gallon tank should be enough to meet the needs of a 10-man working crew over a 40-hour workweek. Plus, most porta potty renters are also available to come by and empty it or swap it out for a new one as needed.
  5. Porta potty rentals are expensive. Finally, the final myth that we’ll cover here is the assumption that porta potty rentals are expensive. Porta potties can be rented affordably, both on a daily and extended need basis. In fact, you can often secure discounts if you need porta potties for more than just a day. But you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Now that we’ve debunked unappealing porta potty myths its time to contact us to make your porta potty rental reservation!
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